5 Great Office Lobby Design Ideas That Make a Great First Impression

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When someone walks through your door for the first time, often what they notice immediately is your lobby sign. Or, if you invest in a great lobby sign, that’s what they could notice. Use a professional, powerful lobby sign to help your brand make a great first impression on your potential customers.

All lobby signs in Omaha should be unique and have designs that work with your brand. Here are five office lobby design ideas to make your sign more customized and effective.

1. The 3D Look

You can get flat lobby signs made out of acrylic, but why not have one that will “pop” in three dimensions? Thicker materials will make your lobby sign stand out to onlookers. It’s even more impactful when you mount the signs or the letters of the sign so that they stick out even further. Materials like steel, aluminum, acrylic, wood, and more can give your sign this 3D look.

2. Placement Behind the Desk

Some office lobby sign designs are a little overwhelming. If your reception area opens up into a large desk with multiple receptionists, you can make the space more reassuring and welcoming if you place your lobby sign directly behind them. That way, as your customers or guests approach the desk, they will know for sure that they’re in the right place.

3. Metal or Clear Acrylic Backgrounds

Some brands opt for just the brand logo on the wall as their sign. However, you can also have a background material that makes the sign look more aesthetically pleasing. Clear acrylic is one popular option. Metals are another wonderful choice that will make your sign look even more sophisticated.

4. Adding Lighting

Your reception area likely has lighting already, but adding lighting to your sign can help contribute to the overall feeling of the space and make the sign that much harder to miss. Don’t just settle for any type of lighting, though. Considering using backlit signs and other creative options.

5. Placement on Your Accent Wall

If you have a fantastic office lobby design, you can use the sign to highlight that aspect of your space. Many businesses choose to place their lobby sign on their accent wall, which helps both stand out.

Lobby Signs in Omaha

First Impression Signs and Graphics is always excited to help you make that first impression more powerful and memorable for your customers. We’re well known for offering fantastic lobby signs in Omaha that can help improve your business or establishment. Contact us today so we can discuss your office lobby design ideas.

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