Custom ADA Signs in Omaha

Improve Accessibility with Custom ADA Signs in Omaha

Make your premises accessible with attractive ADA signs. First Impression Signs & Graphics is one of the only sign companies in Omaha that designs branded accessible signs. Get attention-grabbing ADA signs that match your décor and improve visitor experience.

Why install ADA signs at your facility? The Americans with Disabilities Act sets out strict legal requirements for many businesses that receive visitors regularly.

Work with an experienced team to understand the requirements of ADA signage. We help customers find options that enhance safety at your premises and complement other signage. Businesses across the city trust us for ADA signs because we:

Find out how our team will help you get personalized, accessible signage for your building. Schedule an onsite consultation today. Call us at (402) 252-5940.

Experienced professionals keep the cost of ADA signs within budget with an intelligent signage strategy.

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What is an ADA Sign?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prescribes Standards for Accessible Design. It lays down a framework for signage that will help people with vision, cognitive, hearing, and mobility impairments safely navigate spaces.

Signs must comply with size, font, contrast, color, and installation requirements. Braille, visual characters, and tactile features are included for enhanced accessibility.

At First Impression Signs & Graphics sign shop, you will work with a team that aligns ADA signs with your existing signage.

Uses of ADA Signs

The CDC estimates there are over 11 million people aged 40 and over with some form of vision impairment. Millions more identify themselves as slightly or moderately visually impaired. ADA signs allow people to navigate public spaces safely and conveniently.

Install ADA-compliant signs and improve the visitor experience at your facility. Signs are beneficial for customers as well as employees.

Don’t risk an employment lawsuit: Employers in Omaha are required to make accommodations for employees with disabilities to keep them safe and comfortable.

Types of ADA Signs

We design personalized braille signs for customers. A passionate team builds and installs all types of signs:

All signs incorporate essential ADA features – high contrast, high visibility and legibility for maximum effectiveness. Choose from a large selection of materials, colors, fonts, and styles to make your signage unique. Avoid paying thousands of dollars in penalties and the bad reputation that comes with non-compliant spaces.

Find a Shop for ADA Signs Near You

If you are looking for a sign company near me, Hire a team that’s passionately pro-accessibility in Omaha. We will work collaboratively with you to design attractive ADA signs that fit your requirements. We help offices, restaurants, health care providers, and many other businesses design attractive signs that enhance visitor experience.

Enjoy a completely turnkey process: we design, build, install, and maintain signs. Our team advises customers if they are ADA-compliant and helps them pass safety inspections.

Schedule a free consultation to have your signage assessed in Omaha. Call us at (402) 252-5940 to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a common misconception that there is a single set of rules to make a sign compliant with the ADA. Instead, signs for different purposes and hung in different areas will have different requirements under the ADA. This might, or might not, including braille, clear script, color contrast, and much more.

ADA features are parts of a sign (or something else, like a building) which has features that are compliant with the ADA. It’s more common to see a building’s ramps or other accessibility features refer to as an “ADA feature.” However, compliant signs may also be considered ADA features.

Carefully! Really, when it comes to making ADA signs you should start with a design and double-check that it fulfills all of the ADA requirements for the specific type that it is. It is always wise to have a professional’s help making an ADA sign so you can be sure it is compliant.

An ADA assessment is when you or a third party assess your facility, or a part of your facility, in order to ensure that it meets ADA requirements. You can use an ADA checklist to perform the assessment yourself, however it is better to have a professional perform it so you can be certain.

The ADA does not call for a specific material, instead relying on a sign maker’s skill to use materials that will otherwise accomplish the visual requirements of the act. However, there are materials which are more commonly used in ADA signs. Rasters are usually clear acrylic.

In order to be compliant with the rules, many different signs will need to include braille. However, not all ADA compliant signs require braille. When a sign does require braille it will also have many other requirements like height of the sign, and size of the braille rasters, among others.

Yes, almost all restroom signs will require pictograms in order to be ADA compliant. The pictograms must have a verbal description of what they depict below them. They must also have a border which makes them more visible. Also, this border must be at least six inches in height.

There are different types of braille. ADA signs which require braille typically require Grade 2 braille and also may require a certain spacing between each braille character. Grade 2 is a type of contracted braille which is faster to read. It has abbreviations as well as letters, which is convenient for many signs.

Once you have professionally made ADA signs, it’s not over. The placement of your signs is sometimes also prescribed by the ADA. The height of your sign may be mandated to allow people with visual impairments to find and read it easily. The side of the sign that your door is on may also be mandated.