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Any business that is on the move, from the smallest plumbing company to the most major transportation operation, can use custom vehicle graphics to advertise their business. Highly durable, affordable, and always eye-catching, vehicle wraps are a powerful option to help your business reach more potential customers. You’re on the road anyway, so why not make that time more valuable for yourself? As an Omaha vehicle graphics company, we can help you explore your options to advertise your business with vinyl auto wraps.

Two Types of Vehicle Advertising

There are two main kinds of vehicle advertising you might see when you’re driving down the highway in Omaha. There are vehicles that advertise their brand identity with their custom vehicle graphics and those that advertise their products. You could advertise your services, but typically service-based businesses prefer to promote their brand, as the connection to their services is obvious. Here’s what you should know about each type:

  • Brand advertising: Of course, it benefits every brand to promote itself, and your vehicle is an ideal spot. It helps ensure that locals, especially those who are near the customers you already have, know about your brand.
  • Product advertising: Whatever you’re shipping on the inside, you can advertise on the outside of your truck or other vehicles. Normally these advertisements take the form of large, high-quality graphics of the products.

Types of Vehicle Graphics  

There are three general kinds of vehicle graphics:

  • Lettering: Simple lettering is smaller and more affordable but less impactful than other kinds. You can put lettering on the side or back of the vehicle. It can be perfectly customized to fit your brand font and colors.
  • Partial wraps: Partial wraps will cover only part of the vehicle. They can include graphics and text.
  • Full wraps: Full wraps are the most common vehicle graphic option. They cover the whole vehicle. It’s worth noting that the paint beneath it is protected by the wrap.

You can have either kind of vehicle advertising with any kind of graphic. However, lettering lends itself better to brand advertising and is typically considered a better option for small businesses that are just starting out. Those who are interested in product advertising will often find that partial and full wraps give onlookers a better impression of the product.

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