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Showcase your brand and business proudly with building signs. Signage creates a memorable first impression for customers and is great for wider brand building.

Smart building signage projects a powerful, positive presence for the establishment.

If you are looking for a sign company near me, First Impression Signs & Graphics is a reputed sign company which also provides commercial building signs. We serve hospitals, offices, condominiums, and many other property managers in Omaha for building signage. Ordering signs for your business is as easy as 1-2-3.

Work with experienced sign designers for eye-catching signs that reflect your branding. We only use quality materials and modern lighting systems for premium signage. Reliable performance and durability guaranteed!

Discuss your requirements and schedule an onsite assessment of your building signage needs today. Speak to a representative at (402) 252-5940.

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What is a Building Sign?

Exterior building signs are large signs installed on buildings. Signs are usually installed near the roof for maximum visibility. They may be installed on a building wall or on the roof, supported by scaffolding.

Signs reflect your business’s branding. Building signage usually displays the name of the business and its logo. At multi-tenant establishments, the street address, building name, or the most prominent business may be displayed.

Types of Building Signs

Every business has its own branding requirements, which is why every sign is unique. Choose from a wide selection of styles for your building:

Dimensional Letters and Channel Letters

Dimensional letters and channel letters are some of the most popular lighted building signs in Omaha. These are well-liked for their professional appearance. Customers regard them highly for their ability to raise the profile of the establishment.

Letters can be installed on the wall or on rooftops. Each letter and logo can be installed separately on the building, or on a raceway. Signs can be lighted using:

Blade Signs and Projecting Signs

Installed perpendicular to the sidewalk, these signs are conveniently in the line-of-sight of pedestrians. Blade signs, hanging signs, and projecting signs are usually installed lower than other business building signs. This allows them to be seen by passers-by easily.

These signs are used in conjunction with larger building signs.

Awning Signs and Canopy Signs

Awnings and canopy signs are installed at the front entrance of the building. They are a premium finishing touch to your building that offers excellent utility. It creates shade for visitors and ‘extends’ the building’s footprint.

Use flexible vinyl or canvas for signs that can be retracted. Awnings and canopies can be built as permanent structures too.

Uses of Building Signs

Discover the benefits of custom building signs for your business.

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Building signs in Omaha are a significant investment. Work with an experienced signage partner for the best results. At First Impression Signs & Graphics we:

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Make getting new building signs easy – work with a reputed sign builder in Omaha. We are a professional building sign company trusted by professionals, property managers, and business owners. Our team handles all aspects of the signage: design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance.

Our project managers will guide you through the entire signage process, helping you keep the cost of building signs within budget. We will advise you of health and safety concerns and assist with filing applications for local permits.

For premium signs in Omaha, there’s nothing better than First Impression Signs & Graphics!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of signs that could be installed on a building. While we might use the umbrella term “building sign” to describe these signs, it is better to narrow it down a bit where you can. If you are looking at a specific sign and want to know what type it is, just ask us.

Building signage is just a different way to say building sign. While other sign companies might use this term slightly differently, what we mean by building signs are those that are mounted directly to the exterior of your building. Usually, they are placed up high, where more people can see them.

Building signs are among the most important signs for any business that has a brick and mortar location. This includes offices, retail spaces, warehouses and more. Building signs display your brand name on your building, which is a powerful way to advertise your business to potential customers and has many benefits.

LEDs are a type of light, so LED building signs are signs that have these lights. They may have the LEDs built in, as with channel letter signs and cabinet signs, or they may have the LEDs on the outside, shining at or beneath the sign. There are many lighting options for building signs.

Yes. In fact, putting dimensional letters on an office building is a terrific way to give your building an identity and advertise your brand to those around you. Adding your brand name to your building helps people find the building, helps you improve your reputation, and helps you attract new customers or clients.

Billboard-style signs are types of signs that look like billboards, but in fact are not. They might be large signs for the outside of your building, or they might be large signs for the inside of your building. They can include LEDs and a digital interface, or they could be signs made of a more typical material.

Canopy signs are also called awning signs. They are a decorative canopy or awning that you can add to your building. They may serve as your only building sign with your brand name printed on the outside, or they may be supported by other building sign types that display your brand name.

Choosing a sign for your office building is an important decision and not one that we take lightly. Our professional designers can guide you to choose the right kind of sign and make a design that will show off your brand in the best light possible. Talk to us today about a sign for your office building.

Even people who walk by your building every day may not realize that you are in the area if there is no sign to alert them. Building signs will let everyone in the community know that your brand is nearby, and they will make an impression on everyone. That promotes brand awareness to the people who matter most.

First Impression Signs and Graphics offers the best building signs in Omaha. Our dedicated, expert design team will help make sure that you are happy with every aspect of your sign, from its materials and lighting to its placement on your building. We have served many major businesses in Omaha, and we can serve you too.