Custom Car Wraps in Omaha

Electrify Your Branding with Car Wraps in Omaha

Discover free advertising, powerful local marketing with vinyl vehicle wraps. Personalized car wraps give you the ability to project your message before the best audience. Advertise every time your vehicles are making house calls, making deliveries, or even when they are parked.

Getting wraps made easy: our experienced team prints and installs all types of wraps and decals on your vehicles!

Many businesses in Omaha are using commercial vehicles to promote their brand locally. Wraps can get you thousands of impressions every day – and up to 16 million impressions annually. Our designers will help you design attractive car wraps that generate leads.

Get your phone ringing with personalized wraps for your car, SUV, truck, trailer, heavy machinery, snowmobile, and lawnmower! Call us today at (402) 252-5940 to discuss your requirements.

Pick-up service also available for car wraps in Lincoln, NE and car wraps in Bellevue.

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What is a Car Wrap?

A car wrap is a vinyl sheet with your design printed on it. The wrap is cut according to the shape and size of the vehicle on which it has to be installed. Wraps are pasted on vehicles using safe, non-destructive adhesives.

Vehicles are cleaned thoroughly prior to a wrap being applied. Small vehicle decals and stickers can be installed in a few hours. Large full-body Omaha car wraps may require trim pieces, accessories, and doors to be removed for them to be installed.

Types of Vinyl Wraps

Don’t see the wrap you are looking for? We prepare small vehicle stickers, vinyl decals, panel wraps, door wraps, hood and trunk wraps, roof wraps, and full-body wraps.

Discuss your design with us today! We also offer car wraps in Lincoln.

What are the Uses of Vinyl Wraps?

Wrapped cars are a great chance to get noticed in Omaha. Wraps are beneficial whether you are located in the middle of the city or out in the countryside.

At First Impression Signs & Graphics, we use quality vinyl from major manufacturers like 3M. Digital printing ensures signs are high resolution. Our team will show you digital mock-ups of your design before finalizing the sign.

The affordable cost of car wraps makes them perfect for advertising. Talk to us and find out how you can advertise for free in downtown Omaha!

Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Every business is different, which is why we help our customers get creative car wraps. Personalized wraps are a great way to set yourself apart and establish a unique identity in Omaha. At First Impression Signs & Graphics, our signage team will work with you to design eye-catching vinyl wraps that generate leads!

Reputed Car Wrap Company Near You

Looking for a full-service Omaha car wrap company? We offer a completely turnkey experience:

You will work with a team that will turn your ideas into reality. We create everything from professional wraps to vibrant branding wraps. Just drop off your vehicle, and we will take care of everything else!

Why Do Businesses Choose us for Omaha Wraps?

Businesses know and trust First Impression Signs & Graphics to deliver premium signage and an exceptional experience every time.

We don’t just prepare and install signs; we work with you as if we were your own in-house marketing team. Our goal: to help you project your branding and grow your revenue with wraps.

If you are looking for a sign company near me, Schedule a consultation with a trusted car wrap company in Omaha today! Call us at (402) 252-5940 to discuss your requirements. We wrap vehicles in commercial fleets too.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a car, a standard wrap should last from three to five years. However, this is only an estimate. If the wrap is exposed to more damage or wear, it won’t last as long, but if it is exposed to less damage and wear it can last much longer. We can help you estimate the length that your car wrap will last.

If you have company vehicles, it may be beneficial for you to get them wrapped. It allows you to advertise on the car and promote your brand or business everywhere you drive.

Yes, commercial car wraps help you take advantage of space to promote your business. When you wrap a car you turn your vehicle into an advertisement that moves! That means whenever you or your team is driving the vehicle, they are getting your brand in front of new eyes.

A wrap is a valuable way to promote your business, but how much is it going to cost? The specific cost will depend on the specific vehicle that you want to wrap and the other details of the design. Contact us and we can get you a quote.

Like all cars, cars with wraps will get dirty. You can wash vehicles with wraps. You just have to be sure that when you’re washing the vehicle you are careful not to scratch it. We recommend you use soft washing tools, like microfiber cloths.

Car wraps are tough and can resist some forms of scratching. But it can’t resist all forces that would scratch the paint on your car. Car wraps are not intended to protect the car, but to add messaging to your vehicles.

We do not recommend it. Pressure washing is meant to strip surfaces, and you do not want to strip off your car’s vinyl wrap. Instead, clean your car with soft cloths. We recommend you take a low-pressure hose to the vehicle instead of high pressure.

You can leave a wrapped car outside. Direct exposure to sunlight will contribute to the fading of the wrap over time. To protect your wrap, you may wish to park in shady areas or inside where possible.

3M has a reputation for quality vinyl sheets and wraps, which is deserved. We use 3M wraps and find that they have an excellent lifespan. That said, how long your specific wrap lasts will depend on several factors, including the kind of weather it is exposed to. We can help you estimate the lifespan of your wrap.

In general, vinyl wrap on a vehicle will last between three to five years, which is shorter than it might in an indoor or more protected environment. However, it is still a long time and offers you strong value for investing in it. We can give you tips to help your vinyl wrap last even longer.