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Get the most attractive signs and stand out from your competition! Channel letter signs have been the sign of choice for establishments that need to make a statement. Whatever your industry, whatever your brand, channel letters will make you the talk of the town!

From the Starbucks name to the Union Pacific logo – channel letters transform simple branding into something unforgettable!

First Impression Signs & Graphics is proud to build signs for retailers, restaurants, offices, condominiums, healthcare providers, and so many other businesses in Omaha. We guarantee premium channel signs and an exceptional signage experience. Find out how an experienced signage team delivers quality signage on time and within budget!

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What is a Channel Letter Sign?

LED channel letter signs are lighted three-dimensional signs. Letters are prepared individually and have self-contained lighting. Individual letters, images, numbers, and symbols can be fabricated out of a wide variety of materials.

LED Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect of channel letter signage. We use advanced LED lighting. Choose from millions of colors for your sign’s lighting! LEDs are inexpensive to operate and can last up to 10X longer than traditional fluorescent, neon, incandescent, or halogen lighting!

Mounting Options

Individual lettering gives you a lot of freedom to mount signs exactly as you want them. Mount letters flush against the building, on a frame, or opt for a floating design.


Letters and logos are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, depending on whether the sign will be used indoors or outdoors. Acrylic panels create a glass finish on the front and sides (returns) of the sign.

Want wooden signs? We can use virtually any material to customize signs for you – don’t hesitate in your design!

Types of Channel Letters

Signs have a clear or translucent front fascia. Signs are illuminated from the inside through the front.

Halo-lit Channel Letters

Signs have a clear back. Lighting is positioned at the back to reflect off the mounting surface and create a ‘halo’ effect around the sign. Signs may have clear sides for accenting. Also known as Back-lit or Reverse Channel Letters, these signs have a clear back. Lighting is positioned at the back to reflect.

Front/Back-lit Signs

Signs are illuminated from the front, with rear lighting creating a halo effect for the sign.

At First Impression Signs & Graphics, we offer a comprehensive personalization service in Omaha. Keep the cost of channel letters within budget and customize them completely.

Uses of Channel Letter Signs

All types of businesses in Omaha use dimensional letters.

Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in Omaha

Looking for wholesale channel letters near you? First Impression Signs & Graphics is a trusted full-service sign company. Our customers rely on us for premium signs at affordable prices. We work with you throughout the lifecycle of the sign:

Stop searching for channel letters near you! Work with a professional signage team for your indoor and outdoor storefront channel letters.

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