Custom Wall Decals

Your walls are often an unused space inside your store or office. Those blank, wide spaces offer a unique opportunity for your business. If you need a space for advertising, messaging, or design, your walls are a great resource.

This is especially true for businesses with limited floor areas. Often, businesses will hang banners or any other signs that take up a lot of space. An effective, space-saving solution to this is custom wall decals and stickers.

Wall Decals in Omaha.

Wall decals and graphics are printed vinyl adhesives. They can display images, graphics, or any other designs. They can also be laser-cut into different shapes and sizes.

They are the perfect solution when you want a quick and easy way to spruce up your indoor space. Adding vinyl decals can transform any wall into an eye-catching feature inside your store or office.

Looking for wall decals “near me?” First Impression Signs & Graphics creates high-quality vinyl decals and signs for your business needs. We have endless customization options for you. Learn more by giving us a call today.

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Why Use Custom Wall Decals and Stickers?

Vinyl decals are a versatile sign option that can be used in a variety of ways. The sky’s the limit on how you can use your wall spaces to benefit your business. Here are some simple yet fantastic ideas: 

1. Personalized wall decals for branding

You can easily add branding elements to your wall spaces using wall graphics and decals. A simple idea can be adding geometric shapes using your brand colors to your walls. You can add your business name and logo in between them so your customers are sure to remember your brand.

2. Vinyl wall lettering

Vinyl decals can also be cut into letters and characters. They can be used in different ways, like:

3. Wall graphics and images

Another creative way to make use of your walls is by adding graphics and images. These can be used to showcase your products and services. Seeing these around your establishment can catch the curiosity of customers and visitors. If you simply want to decorate your space with graphics, this can be done with wall decals. A garden-themed café, for example, can use decals to add floral designs to its walls.

4. Seasonal sticker wall decals

Vinyl decals are easily installed and removed. This makes them ideal for adding seasonal décor to your business. You can go from snowflakes and reindeers to hearts and cupids easily by switching out your wall sticker designs each season.

Attractive Wall Decals “Near Me”

Never have blank, empty wall spaces again with the use of wall graphics and decals. Let your walls help your business advertise and communicate to your customers.

For high-quality wall decals in Omaha, businesses trust First Impression Signs & Graphics. Our team of expert designers creates vibrant, exciting decals that can revamp any room in your business space.

Let us help you make a memorable impression on your customers today. Contact us to learn more and to get a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper is a product that usually has a predetermined design on it. Wall decals are customized wall signs made from vinyl. They can be the size of whole walls, or they can be made much smaller. They are often used for marketing but can also be used for enhancing the décor or highlight design elements in your business.

That depends on what you need the purpose to be! Wall decals are suitable to help you achieve a wide range of business purposes, from making a space more appealing to marketing your brand or specific products or services. You can even use them as wayfinding signs to guide people throughout your location. We can help you design a custom decal for your unique needs.

A sticker is not meant to be used in the same way as vinyl decals. Stickers are often stuck on surfaces they can be easily removed from (like fabric) or surfaces they will occupy permanently (like notebooks). Vinyl decals are specifically made to last a long time but allow for easy removability if needed. Decals will also not damage your walls or leave a residue behind when they are removed, though stickers might.  

Yes, most decals are designed to be removed from the wall. When they are taken off, they should not damage the paint beneath them. Some wall decals are used on a temporary or seasonal basis. Brands put up decals that only relate to their current offerings or temporary promotions and then take them down relatively quickly.

Decal stickers are just another name for wall decals. They will typically be made of vinyl with an adhesive on the back so they can be applied to your walls, floors, windows, or anything else they were designed for.

Wall stickers, more accurately known as decals, are usually meant to be long-term sign options for businesses. They should be able to last several years without being damaged by moisture, humidity, or the sun. Wall stickers that are exposed to these environments may not last as long as those that are more protected.

Yes, decals of almost every sort are removable. Your wall decals should come off the wall without damaging the paint beneath it. It is always best to have your vinyl decals removed by an experienced sign company to ensure that everything is done correctly and to avoid accidental harm to your walls.

When properly installed and removed, wall decals will not harm the paint of the underlying wall. If anything, the vinyl may protect the wall from dirt or light scuffs.

Most vinyl decals are made to be removable. However, it is often best to seek the experience of a sign company when it is time to remove them. Contact our team of experts at First Impression Signs and Graphics today to get more information on custom vinyl decals.