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Attractive Dimensional Letters in Omaha

Looking to stand out from the competition on main street? Want a dynamic way to catch the attention of shoppers? Custom dimensional letter signs are a great way to highlight your business to potential customers!

Dimensional letters are a great indoor and outdoor signage option whatever your industry!

First Impression Signs & Graphics works with you to design attractive dimensional letters. High-quality, durable materials, and exceptional workmanship are guaranteed! Discover the power of eye-catching signage to drive traffic for your business in Omaha.

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Get Eye-Catching 3 Dimensional Letters In Omaha

What is dimensional letter signage? Dimensional letters, also known as ‘raised letters’ or ‘3D letters’, are signs comprised of individually installed letters and logos. Unlike traditional signs, the individual elements of the signs are not installed on a common backboard. This gives a lot of creative freedom in design and installation.

Dimensional signs are incredibly customizable! Be creative with your shapes and graphics for attractive signs. They are a great addition for businesses, especially if you are looking for maximum visibility, durability, and a professional image.

Types of Dimensional Letters

We offer a wide range of pre-designed templates and custom design services. We can bring your perfect sign to life!  

Three-dimensional storefront signs are used across Omaha to raise the profile of the business.

Discuss your signage requirements with us. We create signs for all types of aesthetics, including classic, ultra-modern, ‘neon,’ and more. Top-quality materials mean your sign is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting.

Indoor Uses of Dimensional Letters

Think dimensional letters can only be used outdoors? They are a great indoor signage option too!

Many businesses in Omaha use dimensional sign letters in waiting rooms and reception areas to showcase branding. Illuminated logo signs are particularly popular. Dimensional lettering is also used for eye-catching directional signage.

When you choose us, you will work with experienced sign builders that design attractive, effective signs. We offer an almost unlimited selection of LED lighting colors and configurations for all types of signs. Choose from a large selection of materials:


At First Impression Signs & Graphics, our goal is to make signage completely turnkey. Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll create attractive signage. It’s why retailers, businesses, condominiums, hospitals, and so many other establishments in Omaha trust us for their dimensional sign letters.

If you are looking for a Custom sign company near me, You will work with an experienced team that simplifies the large selection of options available. Our project managers understand your needs and help you keep the cost of dimensional letters within budget.

Discuss your requirements with a signage expert today, and schedule a free onsite assessment of your premises. Call us at (402) 252-5940.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensional letters can be made from a range of materials, including PVC, plastic, foam, metal, and acrylic. The sign’s shape and location will determine the most appropriate material for your needs.

Dimensional logos are three-dimensional (3D) signs that utilize depth and dimension to make them more memorable. Business owners opt for dimensional signs as they’ve been shown to quickly draw the eye as well as create a professional image.

3D letters are most often cut with a laser. They can be made of various materials, such as acrylic, metal, PVC, and plastic. The specific technique and material are usually determined by the project’s specifics — for instance, how complex the lettering is and where the letters will be mounted.

When it comes to custom impression signs and graphics, lettering and dimensioning typically refer to the installation of three-dimensional letters on a wall or a building. Unlike traditional signs that utilize panels or backboards, 3D letters are installed directly on the wall, allowing for customization.

In most cases, you need to drill holes in the wall or building and then use studs or pads to attach the letters. Depending on where the letters need to be installed, you might need a ladder or a crane. You may also opt to install the letters professionally to ensure high-quality results.

There are several techniques for putting letters on a building. Which one is used depends on the material the letters are made of and the type of wall they will be mounted to. If the sign is light enough, it can sometimes be attached to the wall using double-sided tape. In most cases, however, letters are mounted with studs or pads.

LED-illuminated signs use diodes as a light source. These signs can combine the already striking appearance of 3D letter signs with light effects to create even more eye-catching and memorable installations.

Dimensional letters can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can put them on a wall, hang them from the ceiling, or put them on the roof. In all cases, it’s best to take advantage of their striking appearance and install them in a location that naturally draws attention. You can also use natural or LED light to further enhance the sign.

Floating letter signs are 3D signs that are most often mounted to walls. They are typically used to create visually striking and memorable three-dimensional logos. Many business owners choose floating letter signs to convey professionalism without compromising aesthetics.

First Impression Signs and Graphics is a market leader in the field of custom dimensional letter and LED illuminated signs in Omaha. We maintain high standards of quality in our work and strive to provide first-rate customer service. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to consult you on your options.