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Did you know that outdoor signs bring in 50% of a new business’s customer base, or that 35% of customers have indicated that if there isn’t a sign, they don’t know a business is present (Gaille, 2017)? While outdoor signage is known to be important for promoting a business, it is more significant than you may have already thought.

Custom outdoor signs for your business are an excellent way to advertise effectively and promote efficiently. Not only do they introduce potential customers to your brand, stake your claim in your community, and attract consumers, but they also set your business apart from competitors through branding and visibility.

If you’re looking to boost your marketing strategy, outdoor business signs are the road you should travel down, and First Impressions Signs is ready and waiting to help.

The Benefits of Outdoor Signs

There are countless benefits associated with this type of signage. Your business can unlock the potential of exterior signage, including but not limited to:

· First Impressions: Often, your outdoor signs are responsible for the first impressions made on consumers, meaning they are the reason whether someone walks through your front doors or not. Having an exterior sign increases the chances that people will see your business and be introduced to it.

· Brand Recognition: Using colors, fonts, and graphics in your signage, you’re able to integrate your brand into your advertising. Consistent branding builds awareness and recognition, which increases credibility and trustworthiness over time.

· Attract Customers: Outdoor signs make your business visible. The more visible your business is, the more customers will be attracted to your business.

· Navigation Help: Often, outdoor signs can dually function as a claim on the location of your business in the Lincoln, NE community, as well as navigational assistance to help consumers find your business.

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Finding the Right Sign for Your Business

Each type of sign has a unique way of communicating with consumers and portraying your business to the public. Given the important roles that exterior signage plays in business marketing, finding the

right kind of sign is essential in delivering the right message and creating the right first impression. The following are important steps to take when choosing your ideal exterior signs:

· Material: The best materials to use for outdoor signs are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting, as they can withstand weather conditions that are common in Lincoln, NE. Wood, aluminum, metal, vinyl, and mesh are excellent materials, which provide a range of visual appearances and choices.

· Customization: Color, font, graphics, and material choices are important in accurately representing a business’s brand and personality. Customizing your outdoor business signs allows you full control over all the elements of the design process.

· Type: Every sign provides unique characteristics, whether for communication methods or aesthetics, which means choosing the right sign type is crucial. If you’re looking for a bold sign, consider an outdoor wall mural or metal letters, whereas if you’re looking for maximum visibility, illuminated channel letters or LED lights are perfect options.

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The Right Outdoor Sign Company in Lincoln, NE

First Impressions Signs provides exceptional sign solutions to the Lincoln, NE region. We pride ourselves on creating impactful, innovative signage that represents a business proudly and embodies the personality of a brand. Our team of sign specialists are collaborative, kind, and communicative, as we are committed to creating a positive customer experience every time.

If you’re ready to get started bringing your outdoor sign vision to life, so are we. Contact us today to begin the process