Custom Fleet Wrap Design and Installation in Omaha

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is looking for ways to reach your target audience. The number of people who are out and about each day can potentially be your customers. But what can you do to make an impression in Omaha?

Impactful Fleet Wraps & Fleet Graphics

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles traveling around your city each day? An innovative way to connect with your target customers is through fleet wrapping. These are vinyl wraps applied to each of your vehicles.

Vehicle wraps are durable vinyl adhesives that cover your vehicle surfaces. These can be printed with any type of design that helps your business. Popular design choices include:

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Types of Custom Fleet Wraps for Company Vehicles

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret. There is a commercial fleet wrap for your various business needs:

Fleet Wrapping Benefits

Custom fleet wraps is a marketing strategy that provides a lot of benefits. These are worthwhile investments especially for small to medium enterprises.

Choose an Experienced Fleet Wrap Company in Omaha

Transform your fleet into a moving advertisement for your business today! First Impression Signs & Graphics offers high-quality commercial fleet graphics for your business needs.

We are committed to producing vibrant and long-lasting wraps that can turn heads your way. Talk to us today about your marketing needs and get a FREE quote.

Fleet Wraps FAQs

On cars, there are two different basic kinds of wraps: full vinyl wraps and partial vinyl wraps. The full wrap covers the entire vehicle while the partial wrap covers only half, usually the front half or back half. There is also vinyl lettering, but this isn’t a “wrap” so much as it is vinyl graphics.  

Commercial fleet wraps are wraps made for your fleet of commercial vehicles. They can be any vehicles, from small sedans to full-sized hauling trucks. The wraps can either match entirely or give each vehicle its personality with a slightly different design. You can advertise different things on different vehicles.

A wrap on a truck is a vinyl sheet with a design printed onto it. The sheet is made to fit the vehicle exactly, depending on its make and model. The wrap’s design is most often used to advertise a brand, usually the brand that owns the vehicle. Although, wraps may also be used purely for decorative purposes.  

That depends on what you mean by a full-sized truck: a personal vehicle or a truck intended for shipping and transport. The larger the vehicle, of course, the more that the wrap will cost. Other design decisions can impact the cost. You can contact us to get a free quote.  

When you have a fleet of vehicles, it benefits you to wrap them all. It helps create cohesion and professionalism for your drivers. Plus, each vehicle will act as an advertising tool for your business. You’ll see increased brand recognition, brand presence in the areas that you drive, and more benefits.

Yes. While fleet wraps do have a large sticker price up front, they should last for several years. And, when you consider how many impressions they can make for your business over those years, they are highly cost-effective. It depends on where your fleet is driving, but you can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of impressions per day.

Well, it isn’t something that we recommend you do on your own. We can walk you through the truck wrap process so that you don’t need to worry about either the design or the installation of your truck wrap. For professionals, getting a quality installation is a simple process.

To wrap a truck, like a shipping and transport truck, you do need a lot of material and that cost can add up. We can tell you precisely how much material we will need to wrap your specific truck and exactly how much it will cost. You should not buy the material on your own.

That depends. Usually, adding a wrap will not devalue a vehicle because the wrap can be removed and the paint beneath it will be in good condition.

In general, vinyl wraps do not need special protection. It is a tough material that is even resistant to some light scratches. To protect it you essentially treat it the same way that you would treat your vehicle’s paint. Don’t treat it too roughly, don’t expose it to anything that may scratch it, and wash it gently with a soft rag.