Know About Indoor Wayfinding Signs

Custom wayfinding by Omaha Sign Company

Indoor wayfinding signs are directional signage found inside a store or building, that help visitors better navigate the place. They provide directions to guests, helping them get to where they want to go. An example would be directory signage usually installed in the front lobby of a commercial building. It provides a list of building occupants along with their room numbers. Directory signage in hospitals or large medical clinics may also include phone numbers.

Custom Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

Effective wayfinding signs have clear text and are easily understood. For maximum visibility, they have to be positioned at eye level. Below are some examples of these signs:

Door Signs

Door signage is used to let visitors know they are in the right spot. You’ll often see this in doctor’s offices, restrooms, or hotel rooms. However, the signage isn’t placed directly on the door, they are usually mounted on the side.

Window Graphics

Window graphics you see in malls or other commercial buildings are used to let customers know they are in the right place and to advertise products or services. Its advantage is that you can easily change them. Don’t forget to advertise offers or special promotions to increase sales.

Instructional Signs

These are signs that provide additional information to the visitors like no smoking is allowed or when a specific room is off-limits. Another example would be at the airport where you get flight information along with instructions on where to go next for boarding.

ADA Signs

You must have ADA signage as this is required for almost all buildings or stores. Check for ADA regulations in your area to avoid fines and other problems when you don’t comply with the guidelines.

Benefits of Wayfinding Signs

The first thing visitors do when they arrive at a building for the first time is to look for wayfinding signs to help them get from point A to point B. Having wayfinding signage will put potential clients at ease and make visitors feel welcome. It helps improve the overall experience of the guests, making them more likely to come back to your building.

Avoid flowery or descriptive language when creating these signs. As much as possible, use symbols like arrows and stick to just one word or two words. It’s better to be consistent with formatting, so try to use the same font style for all your wayfinding signs.

Where to Get Indoor Wayfinding Signs in Omaha, NE

Talk to us if you need wayfinding signs for your offices, conference rooms, emergency exits, elevators, stairs, or signage to be used in different departments. We have experienced designers who can create effective signage for your store or commercial building. Get in touch with First Impression Signs & Graphics today for a consultation.

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