LED Signage: Use and Benefits for Your Business

Attractive LED neon sign made by First Impression Signs & Graphics in Omaha

In the sign industry, it seems like LED lighting is everywhere. But that is for good reason. We use LED lighting to light signs up internally and externally, to great effect. Signs with lights are more powerful and often more effective for your business, whether they are used outdoors or indoors. Here is what you need to understand about how an LED sign can benefit you.

High Visibility

One reason that LED storefront signs and outdoor LED message boards are so popular is that they are more visible than unlit signs. At night and even during the day, these signs have a bigger reach. They can be seen by people driving from further away, and they catch more attention even from those who are up close. This helps promote your brand and location to as many people as possible.

Dramatic Effect

When any sign is lit up, the lighting dramatizes the message of the sign. Lighting has a stylizing effect the same as a different font or color does. Internal and external LED lighting will make a sign look different and reflect differently on a brand. This is a more powerful design choice than some people give it credit for.

Consider the impact of LED neon signs. These are signs that use LED lighting, but which are designed to look like neon signs. The characteristic glow of neon imparts a unique look and feel to the sign. It works well for retro or old-fashioned businesses. We can use traditional LED lighting to create other kinds of impressions, including making your brand feel more modern, innovative, and more.

Reduced Energy Costs

LED lighting is a strong improvement over the lighting options of the past, particularly when it comes to large signs. LED is more energy-efficient and safe than other lighting options. It generates significantly less heat an incandescent and, unlike neon, does not make use of gases or other dangerous substances. For your business, that means you get a safer sign that is also more cost-effective to keep lit over the long run.

Your LED Sign Maker in Omaha

Are you ready to invest in an LED sign that will provide your business with promotional, branding, and other benefits? The team at First Impressions Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of custom LED signs to suit your purposes and your brand. Reach out to us to discuss your new sign today.

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