LED Signs – Questions to Ask Before You Buy

LED Signs - Questions to Ask Before You Buy

LED signage has been a popular sign choice for many successful companies. It is an effective way to establish your presence and stand out from the competition in Omaha.

LED is also an ideal alternative to neon. It gives you the same vibrant, attractive signage but more affordable and energy-efficient.

Unsure if custom LED signs are right for you? Here are a few questions you can ask before searching for the best LED signs “near me.”

What Type of LED Sign Do I Need?

When deciding on an LED signage, it is crucial to establish your business needs. Do you need a storefront sign that keeps you visible even at night? Are you looking for a multi-message sign solution in Omaha?

Knowing these will determine which LED business sign is suited for you. Here are some options:

  1. LED Channel Letters
  2. Lighted Monument Signs
  3. Lighted Bar Signs
  4. LED Message Boards

Which LED Signs in Omaha Are Within My Budget?

Depending on the type of sign you get, LED signs for business can be a significant investment. It is crucial to set a budget before making any decisions.

Some LED options can cost more than the rest. However, what’s important to note are the many benefits you get from these signs. An LED message board, for example, may cost more. But it is the only sign that can let you display multiple messages with only one sign.

What Size Should My LED Sign Boards Be?

The size of your sign can depend on two things:

  • The size of your space
  • City zoning permits

An LED sign company in Omaha can help recommend the right size for your signs. They are also familiar with local zoning permits, which will help determine LED size limitations.

What is The Standard Warranty for LED Business Signs?

The standard warranty for LED signage usually is at five years. However, it is best to check with your sign company of choice. Also, it is crucial to know what type of aftercare service they offer.

This is if you may need maintenance and upkeep. Aftercare support can keep your LED signs in Omaha in tip-top shape for years.

Which LED Sign Company in Omaha Should I Choose?

There can be plenty of sign companies that offer LED signs for business. However, it is best to consider choosing a local sign company to do the job.

The top benefit of a local sign company is accessibility. Their location makes it easier to work with them, especially when you need service for your signs. It is also a fantastic opportunity to support local businesses.

Where Can I Find the Best LED Signs “Near Me?”

Custom LED signs are a versatile and effective sign solution for your business needs. When you need high-quality LED options, First Impression Signs & Graphics is here for you.

We are a full-service sign company that offers a variety of LED options for you. Whether you are looking for LED signboards or LED neon signs, we can help! Give us a call today for your LED sign needs, and we’ll give you a FREE quote.

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