Premium Custom Led Signs in Omaha

Shine Brighter with Custom LED Signs in Omaha

LED signs are an ideal choice for businesses looking for long-term sign solutions that give the brand a contemporary look. LED lighting is far more durable, economical, and efficient compared to older lighting options.

Light up your signs affordably with LEDs. Recreate the ‘neon look’ at a fraction of the cost of LEDs. Retrofit existing signage with brighter energy efficient LED lighting! LED lighting for existing signage! LED lighting is available in a wide range of styles, colors, and configurations.

First Impression Signs & Graphics works with restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, hotels, and offices for illuminated signs.

What is an LED Sign?

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have revolutionized signage lighting! They’re mall, easy to conceal, available in a wide range of colors, inexpensive to operate, and durable. Now you can light your sign without racking up huge energy bills!

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Types of LED Lighting Configurations

Discover tremendous customization options for your signs with LED lighting. LEDs can even be used to recreate any legacy look, such as neon, spotlighting, even CFL tube lighting. Popular lighting configurations are:

Types of Outdoor LED Signs

Don’t see the signs you are looking for? We custom create all types of indoor and outdoor signs. Contact First Impression Signs & Graphics at (402) 252-5940.

Digital Displays and LED Message Boards

Digital displays add a lot of versatility to your signage. Display more than one message, change messaging at the click of a button! Use Cost-effective lighted signs digital displays if you like to showcase new images and graphics frequently.

Programmable LED message boards are a great standalone option as well as something that can be incorporated into other signage. LED message boards are great with:

Digital displays and message boards are available as single-color or multi-color displays.

Worried about the cost of LED signs? Our team will advise you about the capital and operational expenses involved with signage.

Neon Light Signs in Omaha

Searching for custom neon signs in Omaha? Neon lighting is distinctive but is expensive to operate and fragile. Get the same ‘neon look’ with the reliability of LEDs! First Impression Signs & Graphics is a leading LED neon sign company in Omaha.

LED neon signs are a great option for eye-catching indoor signs. LEDs are safer and require much less maintenance than neon tubes. Customize LED signs using attractive font styles, colors, and designs.

Lighted Business Signs in Omaha

Stop searching for “LED signs near me”! First Impression Signs & Graphics is a full-service LED sign maker. We design, fabricate, install and maintain signs. Work with an expert team to design custom business signs that fit your budget.

We build all types of indoor and outdoor signs, such as:

Take your branding to the next level with LED signage. Talk to a signage expert in Omaha today at (402) 252-5940.