Monuments Signs: Types & Which One To Use

Custom Monument Signs in Omaha, NE

Monument signs are among the most versatile signs there are. Each one that we produce is entirely custom, from its materials to its lighting, size, and whether it is single or double-sided. Our design professionals can help you make the best choices for your sign. You can reach out to them to discuss it, or you can consider our general advice on the kinds of monument signs, and which might be best for you.

Architectural Monument Signs

Architectural monument signs are signs which match the architectural statement of your building. They may use the same exterior materials on your property, including brick, stone, marble, and more. These signs are meant to enhance the rest of your property and stand out as real landmarks in your space. By doing so, they catch attention and they elevate the perception of your brand and your property too.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

For commercial property owners, multi-tenant monument signs are certainly the right choice. Signage is an essential feature that your property needs to appeal to tenants. Multi-tenant monument signs have multiple spots to advertise different tenant businesses. A high-quality sign will also help your tenants be more successful, which means more stable lease or rental payments for you.

Lit and Digital Monument Signs

Most businesses can benefit from a lit monument sign or a digital monument sign. Lit signs have LED lighting built-in or directed at them so they are visible at night. Imagine a monument sign for a multi-unit residential building. It has the address and name of the building and lights directed up at it. It improves the look of the property and adds character or a high-end feeling to the building as a whole.

There is a whole other type of monument sign, digital monument signs, which have lighting through a display screen. They can display complex graphics and you can change their design in an instant. These displays can even incorporate motion to better catch attention. For example, imagine a fish store with a monument sign that displays a swimming fish.

Whether a lit sign or a digital monument sign is right for you largely depends on how complicated the message you want to display is, or how often you want to change the message.

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