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Choose from a wide range of standard post and panel signs or custom design signs for your site. These signs help improve safety, guide traffic, and warn people of any hazards.

We build signs for indoor and outdoor use. Our team works with different professionals that need signs, like:

Get branded signs for your premises. We can customize all aspects of the sign depending on your needs and preferences. This includes:

Discover the ease of a completely turnkey signage experience. Just place an order for your signs and have them delivered to your site. Contact First Impression Signs & Graphics for more information today!

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Panel signs are freestanding outdoor signs. These signs are made of one or two legs (posts) that support a sign face (panel). They usually display your business name and logo.

These can be found in road junctions or along the streets. Panel signs are used to provide directions, direct motorists, warn of hazards, and even project branding.

Custom post and panel signs can be printed on one or two sides depending on which road direction you want to attract. They are a versatile sign solution that can grab the attention of motorists or passersby.

These signs can also be customized depending on your need. Custom text and images can be included to highlight your brand.

Some of the most common uses for post signs are traffic signs and directory signs.


All our signs are resistant to weather damage and corrosion. They can withstand outdoor elements and still last years with minimal upkeep.

Custom post and panel signs can also be illuminated. They can be installed with integrated LED lighting. These make them more eye-catching at all hours of the day.

These outdoor signs can be made anywhere between 6 to 15 feet tall. This is an ideal height for getting roadside attention. However, if you need a larger, more towering sign, pylon signs might be a better option for you.


Choose from a wide selection of signs. Signs can be customized completely for your needs. We prepare signs for industrial, commercial, indoor, and outdoor use.

Are you worried about the cost of post and panel signs? The various materials available ensure there is a sign that can fit your budget. With the way panel signs benefit your business, it is sure to be a worthwhile investment.

Don’t fret! An experienced post and panel signs company like First Impression Signs & Graphics will tell you all the options available. We will help you buy signs that deliver maximum utility at a low price!

Don’t see the sign you are looking for? We are a full-service sign company in Omaha. We personalize all signs to incorporate your branding. LED, neon, and spotlighting illumination options available.

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The Advantages of Panel and Post Signs

If you are looking for a simple yet effective outdoor sign, these are an ideal choice. Panel signs are versatile and can be used to benefit your business in different ways.


Looking for high-quality post and panel signs “near me?” First Impression Signs & Graphics is a trustworthy sign maker that can help. Customers rely on us for premium signs and responsive customer service.

Work with professional project managers and find out how we make getting signage completely turnkey. We integrate closely with marketing and operational departments to offer a seamless signage experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A post and panel sign is a sign with a single panel supported by two different posts. While these are often temporary outdoor signs, they can also be permanent signs usually for outdoor use. It all depends on the materials that are chosen for the sign and how it is supported.

When people ask for post signs, they are most often looking for a sign with a single panel and a single post. These are a variant of post and panel signs and are often used for outdoor property signs such as parking and street signs. You might also be thinking of a pylon sign, but these are typically taller signs.

Post and panel signs are used for different purposes and there are a handful of typical sizes. We offer custom post and panel signs, so you can get them to the height that is most practical and effective for your needs. Typically, the panel portion of the sign can range from 2×4 up to 16×32.

It depends on your needs. If this is a sign meant to communicate with drivers, it should be the same as other signs in the area to provide consistency. If this is a real estate sign, it should be tall enough to catch attention but not so tall it blocks views of the home. Call us and we can advise you on the ideal signpost heights.

Aluminum is a popular choice for sturdy but temporary outdoor post and panel signs. They can have a reflective metal sheen, or look plain white, or any other color that works best for your purposes. Aluminum offers more strength than other temporary signs without the high cost of other metals.

MDO stands for medium-density overlay. This is a plywood material that combines wood fiber with protective phenolic resin solids. An MDO sign is simply a sign made of this material. It is also called signboard and it is a useful material for outdoor signs, as long as it is primed.

That depends on the specifics of your situation. Construction companies may need a wide range of signs, including those that label construction zones and those that communicate specific hazards to workers and visitors on the site. If construction is happening on your property, you may also need signs to communicate that.

When placed strategically, yes, post and panel signs can help you if your goal is to increase your business’ visibility. You can place post and panel signs nearby your property to make it more visible to those who are already in the area. Or you can place your signs in other areas or specific neighborhoods where you need to promote your business.

Post and panel signs are highly beneficial because they can provide many impressions in specific areas at a very low cost. They are a smart option for those who are promoting new businesses, expanding their reach, or promoting even temporary events and sales. Ultimately, they are beneficial because they are effective.

In Omaha, First Impressions Signs and Graphics is your source for custom post and panel signs. We can help you get a strategic sign that will further your specific goals, whether it is helping to get foot traffic to your business or selling a property. Reach out to us for more information.