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First Impression Signs & Graphics designs pylon signs to boost brand awareness and drive business. Our team understands how greater visibility can mean more leads for your business!

Building Designing and installing commercial pylon signs for every need and every budget.

Use your large outdoor signs in Omaha to grab the attention of potential customers, project your brand far and wide, and use them as local wayfinding signs. Larger signs can also be used as tenant signs and business directory signs – great for office parks and shopping centers.

Work with an expert design team for eye-catching pylon signage. We specialize in motorist signs and pedestrian signs.

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What is Pylon Signage?

Pylon signs are tall signs with an elevated signboard. Signs can be 10 feet or over 100 feet tall! Pylon signs have traditionally been used along roads to be visible to drivers. However, more and more businesses in Omaha are opting for pylon signage for maximum visibility.

Installing pylon signs on your property is the answer if you are looking for the best way to get noticed.

Some businesses that invest in pylon signs are:

Choose from a wide variety of sign faces. Boards are customized for your branding. We offer a large selection of LED, spotlighting, and even neon lighting options.

Types of Pylon Signs

Every pylon sign is custom-designed. Customers choose the aesthetic of the sign, materials, lighting options, and more. Depending on the use of the pylon signs, signboards may have interchangeable lettering or digital panels.

Every aspect of your pylon sign can be customized! Use different types of wood and metal to get the exact look you want! We have steel, aluminum extrusions, aluminum tubing, and other cabinet options. For sign faces, we have the following choices available:

Need to change your message frequently? Digital panels allow messaging to be changed instantly!

Uses of Pylon Signs

Work with an expert team to design the commercial signs of your dreams. Our team guides customers through the large selection of options, helping you keep the cost of pylon signs within budget. Empower your business with pylon signs!

Pylon Sign Manufacturing in Omaha

First Impression Signs & Graphics has a track record of successful pylon signage projects. An experienced team offers high-quality craftsmanship and confidently gets the job done. During the entire sign-making process, we will take care of:

From conception to installation, we are committed to building the best custom pylon signs for your business needs.

Get advice on the legal requirements around signage and applications to municipal authorities.

We are just a phone call away! We also offer sign modifications, maintenance, and changes to the sign face.

Looking for Affordable Pylon Signs Near You in Omaha?

Looking for a sign company near me? First Impression Signs & Graphics is the best pylon sign maker in Omaha. Speak to us to find out if pylon signs are the right choice for your business.

Contact us at (402) 252-5940 for your pylon sign needs. Schedule your free consultation with a First Impression Signs & Graphics pylon signs expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A pylon sign is usually made by mounting a light-box cabinet on one or more tall poles. Typically, pylon signs are made out of either iron or aluminum, which are materials that are durable enough to withstand weather conditions. These signs are then mounted on poles, allowing the sign to remain freestanding.

Pole signs and pylon signs are similar due to the fact that both use poles for support, but the main difference is in the cabinet-like shape of pylon signs. While a pole sign may contain one large pole that supports a smaller sign, pylon signs are larger and can allow you to put more text on the sign.

Monument signs are different from pylon signs in that they are ground-level signs. A monument sign is typically only around 5 feet tall, but a pylon sign can reach well over 100 feet.

A pylon sign is used outdoors to advertise businesses, shopping malls, and other similar buildings and is usually placed near roadsides to attract attention. Pylon signs can also be used with LEDs, which will illuminate the sign at night for easier viewing.

While there are many shapes of pylon signs that you can customize, the main two types are illuminated or non-illuminated pylon signs. A non-illuminated sign will not be equipped with LEDs or fluorescent lamps, whereas an illuminated one has these features and will be visible even when it’s dark outside.

The biggest advantage of having a pylon sign is its large size, which can help bring visibility to your business. Additionally, pylon signs are very durable and long lasting, and they may not need to be repaired or replaced for many years. 

Pylon signs are very similar to pole signs, but there are enough differences to make a pylon sign distinct from a pole sign. Pole signs often use just one pole that supports a single small sign or logo, whereas a pylon sign often is much larger and can even be used to advertise multiple businesses, such as the ones in a strip mall or shopping mall.

How long a pylon sign will last depends on the weather conditions and climate where it’s installed, but most pylon signs can easily last for 10 years or more. Extreme hot or cold weather with excessive rain or snow could eventually cause structural damage to a pylon sign, but signs will still last many years even in those conditions.

The cost of a pylon sign can vary depending on the size, materials, and location where you want the sign built. Contact us to receive a more exact quote for your pylon sign.

Pylon signs can range anywhere from around 20 to 100 feet. Depending on the city or municipality codes where you live, pylon signs may be classified as such at different heights.