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Want to drive more foot traffic to your business? Attract new customers with creative shopfront signage. Creative storefront signs and graphics are a proven way for businesses to enhance brand awareness and maximize sales potential.

Choose from a large selection of attractive templates or design completely customized signs for your storefront.

First Impression Signs & Graphics helps you find the right signage solutions! An experienced team will work with you to design and build business storefront signs that meet your budget and business requirements.

Get custom storefront signs that promote your branding and make you even more visible on the main street! We are a full-service sign shop in Omaha trusted by:

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These are the signs above the primary entrance of your store. These are bold, illuminated signs that showcase the business’s name and branding. Eye-catching signs build brand awareness. They are also one of the best ways of growing a business.

The right retail signs can encourage your target audience’s perception of your business. There are several uses of storefront signs:

Invest in the right sign for your business! Work with a project manager to explore the best signage options that will help you generate leads. Our team works collaboratively with customers to develop visually attractive signs.


Don’t see the sign you need? We design, fabricate, install, and maintain all types of signs in Omaha. A dedicated project manager will explain the options available. We will also help you keep the cost of storefront signs within budget.


Illuminated signs are must-have signage for most businesses today! Even businesses that don’t stay open late in the evening prefer lighted signage because of:

Light up your sign all day and night without burning a hole in your pocket – with LED lighting! Energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has made operating lighted signage extremely cost-effective. Modern lighted signs cost a fraction of what it costs to use fluorescent, neon, incandescent, or halogen!

Want the neon look without the expense of lighting up neon tubes? LED neon signs are a great option!

Designing the Right Storefront Signs for Business

Aside from choosing the right sign type, it is also crucial to have the right design. Here are a few design tips to start with:


Looking for a sign company “near me?” First Impression Signs & Graphics is the go-to sign company for businesses and institutions across Omaha. Our customers rely on us for responsive service and the assistance we provide in helping find the right signs.

We offer all types of signs, including:

We are an end-to-end signage solutions provider. Call us to find out how we can help your store or office get contemporary signage affordably.

Talk to a sign expert in Omaha at (402) 252-5940 today. Storefront signs design and Installation service available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Storefront signs are simply the signs that are at the front of a brick-and-mortar location. They have significant overlap with signs for the front of office buildings. However, there tends to be a larger variety of storefront signs that communicate things like menus, sales, and specials. They may be permanent or temporary.

Store signs are any sign on the inside or outside of a retail location. Store signs may be permanent or temporary and may have multiple related purposes. For example, a sign may promote the brand while also encouraging foot traffic. It may raise awareness about a charity while also driving sales. Store signs are highly versatile.

Signs that are at the front of a store may have a few purposes, and most of them serve multiple purposes. For example, almost all will have strong branding that helps with brand recognition, reputation, and connection. Others may be more specific and promote products or services. Some signs communicate important policies or information.

On a store exterior, you likely have a few goals: promote your business, attract foot traffic, communicate essential information, and further your connection with your customer. An ideal storefront exterior sign strategy will accomplish all these goals with a handful of signs.

Some storefront signs are made of channel letters. These are big letters that are mounted to the wall of your store’s exterior directly. The letters are made and often mounted entirely independently from one another. This is an option you can choose instead of going with a cabinet sign, where the whole sign design is a single cabinet.

Storefront window signs are the signs that are mounted on the window of a storefront. They can be made of a wide range of materials but are most often vinyl signs. Vinyl provides good durability at a good price and can be applied directly to the glass without impacting it negatively.

Dimensional letters are like the non-lit version of a channel letter sign. Each letter is made from sturdy materials and then mounted to the storefront separately. These letters do not have the space to be lit from the inside. However, you can add external lighting to make your dimensional letters pop and more visible at night.

It depends on the kind of lighting. Most storefront sign types have lighting mounted exterior to the sign, on the top or bottom, or in front. There are also signs with built-in LED lighting, such as channel letter signs and cabinet signs. You can also combine multiple lighting options to get unique effects.

Of course, storefront signs are meant to be used at the front of retail locations, specifically outdoors. However, there is a significant overlap between these store types and the signs used in other areas of the store. It’s easy to see how a window vinyl sign could also work on the glass inside the building, for example.

You’ve found us: First Impressions Signs and Graphics! We pride ourselves on offering exceptionally high-quality storefront signs that will fit your goals and be strong assets to your business moving forward. We can advise you on every step of the sign design, creation, and installation process. Reach out to us today for more information.