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Make your fleet stand out with branded wraps. Businesses across Nebraska use wraps to market themselves and build brand awareness. Showcase your branding, contact details, and promote products and services.

Your business can generate leads every time your employees are out making deliveries or service calls, with business wraps!

Project a professional image and convey industry leadership with branded trucks. First Impression Signs & Graphics works with businesses for all types of wraps. We wrap company cars, trucks, SUVs, pick-ups, vans, and heavy machinery.

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Turn heads on the road with customized truck wraps. Branded vehicles stand out in a sea of traffic and project a bigger presence. Wraps can receive thousands of impressions every day in a major city like Omaha. Some businesses generate 16 million impressions every year with their wraps.

Benefits of Wraps:

Discover the power of impactful local marketing with wraps. Many businesses choose to change their wraps seasonally to keep engagement high. Repeated exposure to branding can build incredible recall and industry association.

Learn about effective strategies to convert impressions into leads. Talk to an Omaha truck wraps expert today.

Custom Truck Wraps for Your Business Needs

No two businesses are the same, and vinyl wraps should follow the same rule. At First Impression Signs & Graphics, we help business owners personalize their wraps from start to finish.

Work with a Full-Service Company

Our team focuses on designing wraps that incorporate your branding elements, blending them with marketing messages. First Impression Signs & Graphics helps you advertise your business harder with: wraps, truck decals, and magnets.

Types of Truck Wraps

Custom vinyl wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching potential customers.

Protect Your Vehicle with Wraps

Vinyl wraps are like a second skin for the vehicle, adding a layer of protection for the original paintwork and body. Wrapped vehicles are less prone to minor scratching from road salt, debris, and stones. Properly installed wraps will also protect the body from corrosion.

Maximize the value of your commercial vehicles with vinyl wraps. Wraps can increase the longevity of the vehicle and the resale value of the vehicle.

Stop searching for “truck wraps near me” – visit the best professional truck wrapping company in Omaha!

One of the Most Trusted Truck Wrap Companies Near You

First Impression Signs & Graphics offers a complete, turnkey wrapping service:

We only use quality vinyl from reputed manufacturers like 3M. Digital printing ensures high-resolution prints on wraps.

Worried about the cost of truck wraps? The price of wraps is calculated based on the square footage that must be covered, the complexity of the cut, and the labor required for installation.

Design and Install Truck Wraps in Omaha

Looking for a professional truck wrap company near you? We work with logistics companies, hospitals, small businesses, and many other organizations in Omaha for commercial vehicle wraps.

Get premium, affordable wraps for your vehicles. Speak to a local sign expert today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A quality truck wrap will last an average of five years before it begins to show signs of wear and tear. Factors that can influence the lifespan of your truck wrap include how well you maintain your vehicle, its exposure to extreme weather, and the quality of the wrap itself.

When you wrap your truck, you are making an investment in the future of your business. A truck wrap advertises your company to potential customers located outside of your local area. It provides an attractive coating for your fleet trucks or company vans that helps to maintain the original value of your trucks by protecting them from sun damage and everyday wear and tear.

Wraps are often better than paint on your fleet trucks. A quality truck wrap may be comparable in cost to a custom paint job. However, with a vehicle wrap, you can choose from more customization options (color-shifting paint, layered graphics, matte finish) and have the added benefit of that extra layer of protection against sun exposure and road hazards that could degrade even the highest quality custom paint job. 

Most business owners with fleet vehicles will agree that it is worth wrapping a truck, particularly if these trucks regularly travel outside Omaha. Truck wraps provide a valuable marketing tool. 

You can wrap a truck yourself. However, the wrapping process takes a lot of time, patience, and mental/physical dexterity. It will also require that you purchase a variety of tools to ensure that you apply the wrap correctly. To guarantee the best results possible, we recommend that you have your vehicle wrap applied by an experienced graphics professional.

Everyday scuffs and scratches will happen on even the highest-quality vinyl wraps. Truck wraps are not immune to damage caused by sharp objects or high-velocity impacts. However, these scratches rarely penetrate the material enough to cause damage to the paint below. 

Vinyl truck decals are smaller and less expensive stickers or magnetic vinyl designs that are placed on a vehicle for promotional or informational purposes. They’re easy to customize and small enough to fit in spaces that won’t accommodate a partial truck wrap, including the rear window, tailgate, or windshield. 

Yes, First Impression Signs & Graphics has a skilled team of specialists on hand to install custom vinyl wraps on commercial vehicles of all types, including fleet trucks, service vans, trailers, and company cars. 

Truck lettering, sometimes known as vehicle lettering, is customized adhesive lettering or decals used on commercial vehicles to advertise or inform. Truck lettering is an umbrella term that defines any kind of decal or design on a business vehicle. Often made using vinyl, vehicle lettering can also be made using other weather-resistant materials.

First Impression Signs & Graphics offers premiere custom truck wraps for companies in and around Omaha. Our wide range of vehicle wrap services and superb customer service make us one of the city’s top truck wrap installers. We also offer a wealth of other services and products, from truck wrap maintenance and removal services to the installation and repair of other commercial signage types.