Uses and Benefits of Door Graphics

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When you’re choosing door signs for your office or your business, a graphic might not be the first thing that you think of. However, thin vinyl graphics are a great option for doors of all kinds. They have great benefits in comparison to other types of door signs, including being more cost-effective.

If you’re not familiar with how graphics would work as a door sign, here is what you need to know.

Where Can You Place Door Graphics?

Of course, you place door graphics on doors. However, you might not realize all of the different doors that could benefit from a graphic. Here are some of your options:

· Storefront doors: Placing graphics on your front doors is a good way to catch attention and drive your foot traffic. Bright designs with interesting graphics that suit your brand are valuable here.

· Office doors: Whether your office doors need more professionalism, clarity, or personality, door graphics are an excellent choice. They can look high-end or express the personality of your office and employees.

· Door features: What kind of features does your property have? Is there a theatre room, a conference room, or a private seating area? All the special rooms in your business can benefit from door signs with a ton of personality.

· Bathroom doors: Some entertainment venues, restaurants, and other locations need bathrooms with personality in order to fit into the overall ambiance or energy of the location. Vinyl door signs are a great option for this strategy.

Can Door Graphics Meet ADA Requirements?

Simply, the answer is no. In most circumstances, door graphics do not fulfill ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements on areas like bathroom or office doors. That’s partly because they can’t include braille.

However, you may not always need ADA-compliant door signs. Or, it may be in your best interests to have a small sign that fulfills ADA requirements and then a larger door graphic that adds personality and flair. That way, you are in line with regulations, but still get all the benefits of having decorative, appealing signs.

The Benefits of Vinyl as a Door Graphic

Why choose a vinyl sign for your door? They offer several benefits, including:

· Exceptional customizability

· Affordability

· High-quality visuals

· Flexibility for almost all door materials

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