Vehicle Graphics

Are you looking for new ways to increase visibility and awareness for your business? First Impression Signs & Graphics offers vehicle graphics that can elevate your business in Omaha, NE!

Vinyl graphics are a great way to extend your market reach. They help you take your business everywhere you go, whether you are doing errands, service calls, or deliveries.

We have a wide variety of car graphics that can fit your business needs. These include:

  • Car Wraps
  • Partial Wraps
  • Vinyl Decals and Lettering

Our team is committed to helping you with the entire process, from design to installation. We always strive to understand your business goals to recommend the best products that fulfill your needs. From wraps to graphics, you can count on First Impression Signs & Graphics to do the job right the first time.

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What are Custom Vehicle Graphics?

These are laser-cut graphics or lettering made out of adhesive vinyl material that is applied to any vehicle surface. Vinyl graphics can include clear vinyl decals, perforated decals, lettering, and more. These can be used to put important information on your vehicles, like:

  • Business name
  • Brand log
  • Product/Service list
  • Contact information

Vinyl decals let you put more focus on a particular part of your vehicle. These can be applied to your doors, hood, or bumper. Vehicle window graphics are also made possible through perforated vinyl material.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Graphics

  1. They are versatile.
    Vinyl can be cut and designed into any shape and size that you need. This makes it perfect for a lot of different uses. Vinyl letters can be used to display your contact information to get new leads. Truck graphics can be used to showcase your product offerings.
    This versatile sign solution is a great way to up your marketing game in Omaha.
  2. They are cost-effective.
    Vinyl is a relatively affordable material to work with. The many ways you can use it make it an even more attractive option.
    When you are working on a budget, van graphics are the best alternative to a full vehicle wrap. Even with just your company logo and business name, you can effectively make an impression without breaking the bank.
  3. They have outstanding ROI potential
    Vehicle wraps and graphics have a low cost per impression rate of $0.77. This makes it a worthwhile investment from the beginning.
    However, it can also potentially generate up to 50,000 daily impressions for your business. Put those two details together, and you have the perfect formula for excellent ROI.

Trust Your Vehicles with First Impression Signs & Graphics

Our team is dedicated to producing high-quality commercial vehicle graphics that can increase your business exposure. Through vibrant and eye-catching designs, our goal is to keep your business top of mind.

We only use the best materials to ensure that your vinyl graphics benefit your business for years. Whether you need graphics for one vehicle or an entire fleet, our sign experts are happy to provide you excellent service.

Get a FREE consultation with our vehicle graphic experts today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle graphics are an important sign type that we offer. Any business that has a vehicle can benefit from turning it into an advertisement with a custom wrap. For businesses that are just starting out, vehicle wraps are an affordable way to get their brand out there. For established brands, these signs are still powerful.

That all depends on what you’re using the graphics for. In transportation, you can use graphics as advertisements for other companies and generate revenue. For manufacturers, adding graphics to certain vehicles can be good for promotion. For any business, adding a graphic to your car is smart marketing.

If you look closely at graphics on any vehicle, you’ll notice that they are printed onto a very thin layer of vinyl. What happens is that we create a design and print it out onto vinyl. We custom cut the vinyl to fit your specific vehicle. We then apply the vinyl to the vehicle. It has an adhesive backing to secure it to the vehicle.

Fleet graphics are graphics designed for a whole fleet of vehicles. We can make these designs identical across vehicles, consistent across vehicles of different makes and models, or we can make a unique design for every single vehicle in your fleet. Just let us know what you’d like.

The possibilities are endless with your vehicle graphics. You can use them to promote anything that you’d like. As vehicle graphics are long-term signs that last many years, we usually recommend that you use them to promote your whole brand, or a staple product or service that you always offer.

Yes, you can very easily remove your graphics from a car. In fact, many leases will allow you to place vehicle graphics on the car because they are so easy to remove and they protect the underlying coat of paint from certain types of wear. We can help you remove your graphics.

A ghost graphic is likely not something that you want for your business. These are graphics that help law enforcement vehicles keep a low profile during the day. They have highly reflective designs that make the vehicle very visible at night, though. This is useful for some law enforcement applications.

Quality vehicle graphics made from thick vinyl will last several years and keep looking good, as long as you take care of them properly. It is important to not scratch the wrap or damage it during cleaning. Otherwise, it should resist sun, rain, and snow just fine. Still, you should protect it from other sources of wear.

You do not need to cover your entire vehicle in a wrap. Instead, you can add smaller elements with vinyl. One option is a decal, which can be any shape you like and just attached to a spot on the vehicle. Or, you can have vinyl lettering. Common spots for vinyl lettering are under the driver’s door or on one side or the back of the vehicle.

We can help you with custom vehicle graphics in Omaha, NE. We serve businesses in and near Omaha who are looking for any kind of vehicle wrap, from lettering on a single truck to a number of wraps for their fleet. Reach out to us today to get started.