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Vinyl signs and banners are some of the most versatile and multi-purpose signs. Use them indoors or outdoors, as table covers or building drapes. Bring the designs and shapes of your dreams to life.

For top-notch vinyl signs and graphics, it is important to choose the right vinyl sign shops “near me.” First Impression Signs & Graphics is the go-to sign shop for banner printing. We offer:

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What is Vinyl Signage?

Vinyl signs are made of printed vinyl sheets cut to size. Vinyl material is also available in a variety of gauges (thickness) and types. This gives you plenty of opportunities to customize your signs.

Our vinyl sign printing resists fade from direct sunlight and indoor lighting. We can also add lamination for extra protection and durability.

Our products always stay vibrant and long-lasting. This is because we only use materials from major manufacturers like 3M. When you want high-quality signs, First Impression Signs & Graphics is the right vinyl sign company for you.

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Types of Vinyl Signs

Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials for sign making. This can be made into a variety of sign options for your business needs. Here are some examples:

Vinyl banners are one of the most used by Omaha business owners. These can be printed and cut into any size and shape. Your banners or flags will be shaped to fit your application/installation method.

Digital printing means rich colors and high-resolution prints. This lets you print full-color graphics and images that can attract your target customers.

Uses of Vinyl Signs in Omaha

Banners are some of the most versatile signs around. They can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your business, like:

Promotional Vinyl Graphics

Do you need signs that can be used on more than one occasion? Promotional banners are a great choice. These can be stored to be used repeatedly. Popular promotional banner options are:

Banners are also great for seasonal promotions and setting the décor. No need to keep printing or buying signs every season. Just stow away your banners after each season and reuse them at another time.

Window Films, Clings, Graphics, Vinyl Wraps in Omaha

Advertising : Vinyl signs can turn your windows into large billboards. These are a great way to market your products and services. Add product images and other interesting details to gain the interest of your target customers.

Branding : Window clings and magnetic vinyl signage and graphics are also useful when you want to boost your brand. Instead of blank windows, create a window display that can turn heads your way. You are sure to make an impression on anyone passing by your space.

Privacy :  Business owners also use vinyl window graphics in Omaha to add privacy to their establishments. This can be done by adding frosted or etched glass window films. Banks, clinics, law firms, and others benefit a lot from these.

Cut Vinyl Lettering

Prefer minimalistic messaging? Use individual cut letters, numbers, and graphics. This is a simple yet professional way to display important messages, including:

Vinyl letters are laser cut to precision. This allows you to choose from a wide range of font styles for your signs. There are also plenty of colors to choose from that can match your brand.

Wall Murals and Floor Graphics

Vinyl wall murals and floor graphics can transform any wide and empty wall and floor space. This can be done through digitally printed artwork, images, and interactive designs.

Murals are installed on the wall using safe, non-destructive glues. These are the ideal alternative to wallpaper or paint. Custom adhesive vinyl signs let you add compelling designs that make each customer visit memorable.

Other ways to use murals and graphics include:


Vinyl adhesives can be applied to any type of smooth surface. Aside from walls and windows, these can also be added to vehicle surfaces.

Vinyl wraps turn your vehicles into moving billboards. This lets you promote your business anywhere you go. Each time your vehicle goes out for deliveries and service calls, it is a chance for you to reach your customers.

Here are vehicle wrap options you can consider:

  1. Full Wrap – this covers the entire surface of your vehicle. This makes your vehicle hard to miss on the road.
  2. Partial Wrap – this covers certain portions of your vehicle surface. This puts focus on certain areas, like your hood, side panels, or rear.
  3. Vehicle Graphics and Lettering – this lets you add important details like your business name and logo.

Take your brand on the road! Vibrant, eye-catching vehicle wraps are sure to keep you top-of-mind in Omaha.


Looking for a sign shop “near me?” First Impression Signs & Graphics is a full-service vinyl printing company in Omaha. We print and prepare signs and banners for a variety of occasions, like social events, corporate events, and more.

You will be guided from start to finish by an experienced signage team. Our goal is to make getting banners and other vinyl signs seamless. We provide excellent customer service at each step:

Reputed Vinyl Sign Shop in Omaha

Whether you are looking for vinyl wrap signs in Lincoln or outdoor vinyl signs in the surrounding area, we can prepare and deliver signs to you. We accept bulk and urgent banner printing orders. Looking for same-day banner printing? We can make it happen!

Choose the best custom vinyl sign company today. Choose First Impression Signs & Graphics! Send your design or speak to our expert team about the vinyl signs you need. Call us at (402) 252-5940 today to speak with one of our sign experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl signs are made of vinyl, which is a thin, malleable, plastic-like material. Some vinyl signs are combined with other materials, like carboard, acrylic, or metals. However, other vinyl signs are kept as simple vinyl sheets that have graphics and/or text printed onto them. We can tell you what materials your specific sign is made of.

Vinyl banners are a great sign option because they are large and vibrant but still affordable. You can use vinyl banners for a very wide range of purposes, although you will most often see them used at tradeshows and conventions to attract attention. They may also be used outdoors at festivals and openings.

Yes, some kinds of vinyl signs can be used on glass windows (or glass walls if your office has them.) They stick onto the windows quite securely but are still easy to remove if you’re done with them, and won’t leave residue behind. You can use vinyl as a permanent part of your storefront or for seasonal needs.

Vinyl graphics are one name for vinyl signs that are just a sheet of high-quality vinyl with graphics printed onto them in ink. They can have text printed onto them too, of course. These are ideal signs because they are very customizable and produce high-quality graphics.

All vinyl graphics start off as a simple sheet of the material. They are then run through special printing equipment that adds ink to create the design of your sign. These printers are like a larger, high-tech version of the printers that you have at home or at the office.

Vinyl signs can stand in the rain without running, assuming that they have dried before they were installed. Vinyl can withstand rain and the other elements for a long time, but they are not impervious. Eventually, they will start to fade from the effects of the weather.

Not all vinyl signs and products can be used on glass windows. The experts at First Impressions Signs & Graphics will ensure that the vinyl sign material you get is right for the specific surface that you want to apply it to. We offer high-quality vinyl sheets that are perfect for use on glass.

Vinyl signs are a durable option, but how long they last will depend on what kind of environment you install them in. Indoors they will last longer. However, exposure to direct sunlight or humidity can undermine their longevity. You should expect them to last from one to five years. We can help you estimate their lifespan.

Outside, vinyl signs are exposed to more potentially weathering forces than they would be inside, including moisture. You can expect outdoor vinyl signs to last from one to three years, depending on the amount of direct sunlight, rain, moisture, and other elements they are exposed to. We can help you estimate how long your sign will last outside.