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Want to fill the blank space on your office walls without damaging the paint? Get custom-designed, branded graphics! Transform your bland walls and empty corridors almost instantly with vinyl graphics.

Yes, you can design your own wall stickers, too – stick them on walls, glass partitions, windows, or wherever else!

With none of the hassle of paint and no damage to existing paintwork, graphics are the best way to add wall art. Start-ups, offices, restaurants, and educational institutions in Omaha have embraced office wall graphics.

Discover the convenience of working with an experienced team. First Impression Signs & Graphics will design graphics, print signs, and install them. Send us your design or talk to a representative to get a quote. Call us at (402) 252-5940 today.

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Custom Wall Murals & Graphics in Omaha

What is a wall graphic? Think of graphics as stickers – only you design them, decide their size, and where they will be installed. Graphics are made from printed sheets of vinyl that are installed on walls using safe, non-destructive glues. In fact, vinyl stickers can be installed just about anywhere, even on glass and doors.

Custom wall murals & graphics are digitally printed. This means you can have any decal design made to spruce up your wall spaces. These can also be laser-cut and shaped into different forms. From various shapes, letters, and numbers, the sky’s the limit on what you can do.

Your graphics, your design! All graphics are fully customized for your designs and requirements.

Our goal: to bring your vision to life. We use quality vinyl from reputed suppliers like 3M. Digital printing means crisp images, whether you get a small sticker or a wall-size wrap. 

Uses of Wall Graphics

Graphics and wall decals are versatile sign solutions. The many ways these can be customized provides a wide range of options in terms of usage.

Use graphics to ‘repaint,’ decorate, or promote. 

Don’t have a design in mind?
A professional wall graphics company in Omaha can help guide you through getting the right designs for your business’s needs. Our team of designers here at First Impression Signs & Graphics is excited to turn your vision into a reality!

Choose from a large catalog of business wall graphics or have us design something unique for your business. Talk to a representative in Omaha today. 

Types of Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall decals come in all shapes and sizes – use them for professional signage or create fun designs.

The cost of wall graphics is far more affordable than you realize – change them regularly and keep your space looking fresh.

Looking for high-quality Custom decals “near me” First Impression Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of options for your business needs. No matter what type you choose, we deliver your signs with precision and efficiency. Get in touch with us about your custom decals, wall graphics needs today. 

BENEFITS OF DESIGNER Wall Murals & Graphics

wall murals & Wall Graphics Printing in Omaha

First Impression Signs & Graphics is the best place for wall graphics near you. We work with customers to find the best designs and the right location for their custom graphics. We provide:

Our customers choose us for our turnkey service, letting them focus on their business. A professional team minimizes disruption during installation.

Don’t fight with air bubbles, creases, and tears – get the experts to install your graphics!

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We’re your go-to wall graphic installer in Omaha for start-ups, offices, main street businesses, educational institutions, and so many other businesses. Customers depend on our responsive customer service and short delivery times.

We aren’t just another sign shop; we want to be great marketing partners for you! Get all the indoor and outdoor signs you need at First Impression Signs & Graphics.

Get the best wall graphics services in Omaha and start transforming your space with wall decals today! Send us your design or talk to a representative. Call us at (402) 252-5940

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want your wall graphic to remain firmly in place, you need to take some extra steps at installation. That includes sanding down the wall and cleaning it, allowing any new paint to cure, and then applying the graphic with the right technique to avoid bubbles or other issues. We recommend you allow the professionals to do it.

The high-quality wall stickers you see on business properties are made of vinyl. These stickers will be made of different weights of vinyl, with heavier weights meaning a thicker sticker. On the wall, thinner is usually better. In other applications, like on the floor, you may need thicker vinyl and it will have increased strength and resistance to scratches.

We create custom wall stickers so we can cut them to any size that you like. Most businesses choose to use a wall graphic that is sized so it stands out on the wall, but not so it takes up the whole wall. Although, whole wall graphics can be very impactful and may be worth the investment for you.

Wall decals stick to the wall using adhesives that work with the painted surface and create a strong bond despite any textures on the surface of the wall.

Putting up wall decals is a process best left to the professional because it requires a lot of knowledge about adhesive types, paint types, and vinyl performance. If you want a proper application and for your wall decals to last, it needs to be done well to avoid failure, bubbles, and other issues that professionals are used to dealing with.

You can keep wall decals on your walls for many years without seeing a loss in visual quality or a loss in adhesion to the wall. However, most wall decals are designed to be taken off eventually.

Wallpaper is a paper product sold in long rolls with pre-determined patterns. You are intended to apply multiple rolls of paper to one wall or a whole room. Wall graphics are a single, custom product made of vinyl. You have full control over the design, and you usually need only apply one sheet, even if you want it to cover the whole wall.

Usually, wall vinyl is intended to be removable. Depending on how it was installed originally sometimes the vinyl can be challenging to remove. This is another reason professional installation and removal is important.

Wall decals are meant to be removable from the wall. Usually, you must apply heat with a heating tool and gently pull back the sheet. If you move too quickly, or without heat, then you can damage the wall. Usually, the professionals who installed your wall decal will be able to remove it for you.

Quality vinyl is made to be removed after years of use. It can last up to 7 years with proper maintenance. When you are ready to change the look in your space, give us a call and we can help design and install your new wall graphics.