Wall Murals in Omaha, NE

Making a great first impression is important for any business. However, leaving a lasting impression is equally crucial for success. This is how you can build a customer base that is loyal to you and tells others about your business.

Is your business looking for new ways to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Enhance your business space with custom wall murals today! Make good use of your wide, empty wall spaces to build your brand and promote your business. 

Transform Your Space in Omaha with Decorative Wall Murals

Impress visitors, motivate employees with creative wall art. Vinyl murals can transform blank hallways and boring reception areas very affordably! Let First Impression Signs & Graphics be the one and only shop you need for inexpensive artwork for your business in Omaha.

What do you get when you cross wallpaper and exciting designs? Transformative wall murals!

At First Impression Signs & Graphics, an experienced team will work with you to:

You will work with a team that makes the best use of your space with the right sign solutions. Our goal: making getting murals for your professional space completely turnkey!

Get the best wall murals company in Omaha to transform your space. Talk to a wall mural expert today! Call First Impression Signs & Graphics at (402) 252-5940. 

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Custom Wall Murals in Omaha

What is a wall mural? Think of murals as large stickers. Murals are made from large (or small) printed sheets of vinyl, installed on walls using non-destructive adhesives.

These printed sheets of vinyl provide endless design opportunities for your business needs. Whether you need to have images, graphics, or text on your wall, it can be done. Wall murals & murals wallpaper is a versatile sign option that can be used for a variety of purposes.

We only use the best vinyl from reputed suppliers like 3M. Get high-resolution images printed using digital printing (much better than the blurred prints from older printing tech).

Interior wall murals are a great option if you need signs that can be installed and removed easily. Unlike paint, murals don’t require days to set – even large murals can be installed in less than four hours!

Don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot bubbles and creases – have your wall graphics replaced by expert installers! Our team will ensure that your wall murals are installed with precision. This will leave you with a seamless, eye-catching wall that will leave your customers impressed.

Take your marketing to the next level with seasonal wraps, custom artwork, and 3D wallpaper in Omaha!

We recognize no two designs are the same. It’s why every mural project is fully customized to your designs, specifications, and requirements. If you are still looking for a reliable wall murals company “near me,” contact First Impression Signs & Graphics today! 

Uses of Wall Murals

Use business wall murals to:

Work with an experienced project manager in Omaha to bring your murals to life, like our staff at First Impression Signs & Graphics. Our team will help you keep the cost of wall murals within budget. Ask us about ongoing offers on orders.

Types of Wall Murals

Wall graphics come in all shapes and sizes – there’s no such thing as standard! There are no compromises when you come to us. Choose from a large selection of murals, including:

Don’t see the style you are looking for? We create all types of 3D wallpaper in Omaha, office wall murals, and so much more! Send us your design or talk to a representative today.


It is important to invest in sign solutions that provide a lot of rewards for your business. That is why plenty of business owners choose wall murals. These versatile signs benefit your business in more ways than one. 

Experienced Wall Mural Installers in Omaha

First Impression Signs & Graphics is the only local wall mural installer near you you’ll need! Our experienced team delivers top-quality murals time after time.

It’s why start-ups, offices, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and so many other businesses in Omaha choose us.

Discover an easy ordering system and the convenience of professional installation. Send us your office mural ideas and get a quote. Call us at (402) 252-5940.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpaper comes in sections that cover your entire room with a repeating pattern. A mural is a single art piece that hangs on one wall, creating the room’s focal point. Unlike wallpaper, you can’t trim the mural to adjust the size. Murals are also easier to remove than wallpaper.

A wall mural is a large print that installers apply to your wall, covering the preexisting paint and wallpaper. Your options include traditional murals, individual letters, wall stickers, frosted murals, and 3D murals. Virtually any image, map, photograph, logo, drawing, or graphic design can become a mural.

At First Impressions Signs & Graphics, we use digital printing to apply high-resolution images to sturdy vinyl sheets that resist scratches, damage, and everyday wear. Our vinyl comes from renowned suppliers, such as 3M, that guarantee long-lasting quality.

With nearly unlimited graphic design options, you can use murals for anything. Popular uses for murals include:

  • Covering old paint or wallpaper without redoing the room
  • Celebrating the holidays with seasonal decor
  • Creating a photoshoot backdrop
  • Displaying a restaurant menu with large fonts and graphics
  • Sharing historical facts and pictures, like a museum exhibit
  • Turning artwork into a giant print
  • Enhancing brand integrity with your operation’s logo and color scheme
  • Promoting upcoming sales and events
  • Showcasing your most famous products
  • Sharing images from your brand’s history
  • Providing maps and directions

We install murals with a non-destructive adhesive that won’t damage the paint underneath. Remove the mural carefully if you want to take it down so that you don’t tear the underlying paint or wallpaper. Once the mural is gone, you can repaint your room or enjoy the original paint color.

Businesses have only seconds to grab customers’ attention. A wall mural makes a bold statement that they’ll see right away. Once you have their attention, you can show off your products, share your goals, lift their spirits, and impress them with your professionalism. Murals can also be temporary installations, so you don’t have to commit to a full redesign. You can experiment with different graphics and see what works.

Wall murals create a cheerful work environment that inspires employees to work hard and enjoy their day. If you have plain office walls, a mural adds a bright splash of color. Your print can include motivational quotes and colorful graphics that emphasize your company’s mission statement.

Wall murals are not permanent. We attach murals to your wall with safe adhesives so that you can easily remove the sheet if you want to redecorate your space or transfer the mural to another room.

Vinyl wall murals can last for years if you perform routine maintenance and avoid major incidents. You can easily clean vinyl with soap and water, then dry your print with a soft cloth.

Apply a protective coating to shield your mural from spills, cracks, tears, and punctures. If you install your mural in a bathroom, ventilate the room so that moisture doesn’t build on the vinyl. Hang your mural in a place that doesn’t see a lot of direct traffic to reduce the risk of incidents.