Why Every Business Must Have Bathroom Signs

Get quality Ada signs in Omaha

You’ll find bathroom signage in every store, office, and other public building in Omaha. You want people to be able to find the bathroom when they need it. But it’s more than that. The ADA mandates that you not only have bathroom signs but that they follow certain rules to make them accessible for everyone. We can offer you professional advice and ensure that you’re meeting regulations while also getting bathroom signs that look great and, potentially, even have personality.

ADA Requirements

When you think of sign requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you might think of braille. While it’s true that ADA bathroom signs do require braille, there are many other requirements that apply to them as well. ADA-compliant signs need to have visual elements as well. That includes having specific icons to indicate the type of bathroom. These signs will need to be mounted on a certain side of the door and at a certain height. Requirements like these help people with visual disabilities find the bathroom when they need it.

Types of Signs for Bathrooms

There are a few different kinds of signs that you might need, depending on the type of bathroom. Some options for bathroom signs include:
• Typical male and female bathroom signs
• Gender neutral, all gender or unspecified bathroom signs
• Family bathrooms, those equipped with changing tables
• Individual bathrooms, with occupied/not occupied signs

You might want bathroom social distancing signs, for inside or outside of the space. We can help with any bathroom sign need you may have.

Bathroom Signage With Personality

Signs for bathrooms don’t have to be bland. In retail locations, restaurants, event venues, or any place which needs to appeal to customers. It’s beneficial to have bathroom signs which work with the overall personality or ambiance of your space. Metaphorical signs can be great additions to spaces with lots of personality. Imagine bathrooms in the children’s wing of a hospital that has comforting, cute characters. Or, imagine a spa with bathroom signs that have soft plants that exude calmness instead of typical signs.

Work With First Impressions Signs and Graphics

When you’re looking for high-quality bathroom signs that have personality, and professionalism, or are just basic and meet your regulatory obligations, you can trust First Impressions Signs and Graphics to work with you. Let us design just the right signs for you. Reach out to discuss your needs today. Call (402) 389-4232.

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