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Impactful Local Advertising with Custom Vehicle Wraps in Omaha

Generate brand awareness and maximize advertising with no recurring monthly costs!  From business branding to large images of products, you can very easily get thousands of impression every single day.

Omaha Auto Wraps, First Impression Signs & Graphics Custom Signs Company installs, maintains, and removes commercial vinyl wraps.

Virtually every business installs vinyl wraps on its vehicles today. Whether you have a single truck or run a fleet – vehicle wraps will help you get noticed.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are vinyl signs applied on the body of road-going vehicles, heavy machinery, motorcycles, and even marine craft! Get wraps on vehicles such as:

Wraps give you a lot of flexibility. Show off your logo and brand name wherever you want! Get thousands of impression every day just by driving around town, while making deliveries and house calls, and even while your vehicle is parked in a public place!

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Benefits of Custom Vehicle Graphics

Invest in eye-catching, memorable outdoor signs such as vehicle wraps, Car wraps if you want your business to be seen by a broader target audience. Vinyl vehicle wraps and decals help you make the most of a limited marketing budget.

Vehicle graphics, decals, and magnets are fantastic for reinforcing your brand. The more well-known the brand, the more likely buyers are to work with you.

They are also considered one of the most impactful forms of local outreach when it comes to building trust. This is especially true for businesses that provide service at people’s homes or make delivery runs. Customers feel more at ease when they see your official logo and name on the vehicle.

Get complete vehicle wraps in Omaha to cover the entire exterior of your vehicle and protect the original paintwork too! When it comes time to sell the vehicle, take off the wrap and marvel at a pristine body (depending on wear and tear).

Want to wrap your commercial vehicle? We are a vehicle Wraps & graphics specialist near you.

Vehicle Wraps in Omaha for Every Budget

At First Impression Signs & Graphics, we prepare best Omaha Auto Wraps using high-quality vinyl from major manufacturers like 3M. This makes our wraps more resistant to weather damage and minor scratches.

Choose from a wide range of options for auto wraps in Omaha:

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Your Go-to Omaha Vehicle Wrap Company

Looking for a sign company near me? First Impression Signs & Graphics is your go-to vehicle wrapping company in Omaha. You will work with an experienced team that uses computer modeling and templates to design custom vehicle wraps. Wraps are prepared and installed by a team of experts.

Trim pieces are handled carefully, and the finished vehicle looks pristine. We take care of your vehicles!

Ready to supercharge your business’s marketing performance? Call us today at (402) 252-5940 to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical vehicle wrap lasts three to five years. They are highly durable and resist scratches and weather well. However, if they are exposed to extreme conditions regularly, you will get closer to three years from them. If you can shelter your vehicle from the hottest and coldest days, you will get closer to five years.

A wrap turns your vehicle into a moving billboard. It can take a simple car and turn into a marketing asset for your business. Beyond that, a vehicle wrap can also protect the paint job on the car. The paint beneath the wrap will not fade or be affected by dust and dirt. Unless a scratch is severe, it also shouldn’t get scratched. The wrap is so protective of the car that most places that lease vehicles will allow them.

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on many factors, including the size of the wrap you want and the kind of vehicle you have. Also, if you’re looking to wrap door jams and other intricate areas, that will increase the price. If you have a large vehicle, like a transport truck, your wrap will cost more than one that is meant for a small car. We can tell you how much your vehicle wrap will cost; just reach out to us to discuss your options.

No, a car wrap should not scratch easily. However, it is not impervious to scratches. It is very possible for you to scratch the vehicle if you get into an accident or collide with an object. People would also be able to scratch it with their keys or other sharp objects just as they can scratch the paint on another vehicle. However, the good news is that the wrap may somewhat protect the paint job beneath it, depending on the scratch.

Yes, you can wash a wrapped car, and you should do so frequently and carefully. Dirt will obscure the look of your wrap, so it is important to keep your vehicle clean to keep its advertising potential high. However, when you wash a wrapped car, you should be careful not to damage the vinyl. Use soft sponges and soft brushes. Even use a pressure washer and never scrub it with a harsh material. Test your cleaning method on an inconspicuous area of the car.