How to Choose a Channel Letter Sign for Your Local Business in Omaha

Channel Letters in Omaha

There are a lot of channel letters in Omaha. The question is: Which is the right type for your business? Well, we believe that custom channel letters are the best way to represent your brand and the unique appeal that it has to your customers.

That means the question isn’t so much “Which channel letter sign do I choose?” but rather “What should my channel letter sign look like?” Every business is different and thus needs a slightly different sign, but the kind of design decisions you will make are fairly similar. Here are some of the decisions we can help you with for your sign.

Colors and Text

What colors and text should you include on your channel letter sign? For most businesses, you are looking to represent your brand, so you simply need to use the colors and font already chosen for your business.

If you are looking for something more creative, however, you may instead want a designer’s help with this approach.

Logo or No Logo?

While some businesses have a logo that lends well to be included on a channel letter sign, others do not. Also, some brands that have simple logos that could be added to the sign may not want their logo on it. Our designers can advise you as to whether including your logo is a good idea.

Lighting Decisions

LED channel letters are the most popular channel letter type. They include LEDs on the inside of the sign and illuminate the front acrylic face.

However, they are not the only option. Your brand identity may lend itself more to a different lighting option, such as, potentially, a back-lit channel letter or a combination channel letter lighting design.

Sign Size and Layout

How big should the sign be? This factor is not just determined by your budget. Your sign also needs to be proportional to your building size and shape. We can help you assess where your sign should be installed and how big it should be in order to look good where you want it.

Sometimes, for example, changing the layout of the design will let you put a sign in a space where it might otherwise not fit.

Sign Materials

This is the most important sign decision. Since choosing your channel letter material is a complicated matter, though, we can help you with this.

Channel Letters in Omaha From First Impression Signs and Graphics

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