LED Signs: The Best Visual Communication Asset for Your Business

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It’s simple to get the attention of your customers or your community when you have an LED sign. Between their look, energy efficiency, and wide visual reach, we think that these signs are among the best visual communication assets that your business can invest in. As an LED sign company, we can tell you all about the benefits of these signs, their ROI, and why you should consider them.

Why Do LED Signs Work?

As compared to non-lit signs, those that use LED lights to highlight their message are significantly more effective. It’s not just that lights attract the eye–although they do. Lighting also means that the sign can be seen at night or in low-light conditions. Inside, LED signs can contribute to the atmosphere and feel more like décor elements than some other sign types. This makes their message more pronounced and helps create an overall brand impression that your customers will leave with.

What About Maintenance and Operating Costs?

Most businesses are not so much concerned with the upfront costs of an LED sign as they are about the maintenance and operating costs. You expect an LED sign to cost more upfront, as you know you’re getting more value than a non-lit sign, but will the maintenance or the electrical costs be substantial?

LEDs are highly affordable as compared to older incandescent and neon lights. The specific costs of your sign will depend on its size, though, and we can help you estimate how much it should cost to run it. Chances are, it’s cheaper than you imagine.

Your LED Sign Options  

There are many different kinds of LED signs available for both indoor and outdoor use. While outdoor LED signs such as channel letters are more common, interior LEDs can make quite the statement. They are great for lobby branding and adding atmosphere.

Some of the uses for outdoor LED signs you might want to consider include:

Common interior LED signs include:

These signs can be put to practical uses, such as making sure the emergency exit is visible, or they can be put to creative purposes. Adding unique LED signs is a great way to make a stronger brand impression.

Your Trusted LED Sign Company

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