Custom Lobby Signs in Omaha


Visitors form an opinion of a business in the first few seconds after walking through the door. Corporate lobby signs help you swing that in your favor. Make a great first impression with smart lobby signage for your office! Choose from a large selection of contemporary reception signs or design your own.

Confused about what the best lobby sign is for your office? Our sign experts help you identify the right design based on your requirements.

First Impression Signs & Graphics is the trusted lobby sign maker in Omaha. Our team works with:

An experienced sign maker works with every customer to design creative reception signs that make the business stand out!

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Impactful Lobby Signs in Omaha

What is lobby signage? Lobby signs, sometimes called reception signs, are usually found in the front entrance and waiting rooms. They are an essential branding tool for your business. These signs prominently display your:

  • Business’s name
  • Logo
  • Tagline

These signs are made with materials that can be customized. This includes acrylic, metal, and more. They can be made to match your exact logo, using your brand colors as well.

These help visitors and customers identify your business the moment they step into your space. Seeing your company name and logo right off the bat tells customers who and what your business is about.


One of the best things about custom lobby signs is the different types you can choose from. There is sure to be a sign that represents your business the right way.

Finding the right one depends a lot on your space, budget, and needs. It is crucial to find the right sign company that understands these requirements.

For this reason, our team always makes sure to work closely with our clients. This is for us to create signs that not only meet but also exceeds your expectations.

When choosing the right sign, it is crucial to come up with a design not only for your branding but also for your industry. For instance, metal and wood signs are a great option for a professional atmosphere. Acrylic signs, however, create a more contemporary image.

Here are several reception and office Signs you can choose from:

Did you know a lot of businesses in Omaha are opting for digital office lobby signs? They offer interesting, interactive, and interchangeable messaging.

We have a wide selection of standard design templates. You can also custom design your own 3D logo wall signs. As a full-service sign company in Omaha, we design, build, install and maintain signage. Talk to a representative today at (402) 252-5940.


Signs in and around your space are enough to create an impression on your customers. However, if you want to make a significant impact, the right design will help.

Make a memorable first impression with an impressive lobby or reception sign design! Here are a few tips to consider:


Custom lobby signs are versatile signage. They can function in different ways to benefit your business. You can use yours to:

We guarantee premium quality office lobby signs that last longer! Visitors will see the difference in attention to detail and craftsmanship even at a distance.

Our team only uses high-quality materials. Experience the difference between standard signs and signs made by First Impression Signs & Graphics!


Are you searching for the best lobby signs “near me?” Work with a team known for its responsive customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction. A project is not complete until you’re satisfied! That’s why we are the go-to shop for lobby signs near you in Omaha.

We design a wide variety of custom lobby signs:

Whether you need a single sign or multiple signs for your business needs, we’re here to help! Get a FREE consultation with a lobby sign expert today. Call us at (402) 252-5940.

Lobby Signs FAQ

Lobby signs are interior signs meant to help create a branded space and a branded impression on anyone in your lobby. Lobby signs frequently have lighting or other interesting sign elements to help draw attention to them. Of course, these signs should also reflect the brand that they represent.

Lobby signs may seem like a large investment, and they can be, but they don’t have to be. We can make lobby signs out of a range of materials and in a range of sizes and styles, which means that you can have a lobby sign that fits in your budget even if it is fairly limited.

Office lobby signs are visual assets used to help brand corporate spaces. As with other locations, it is useful for many offices to have a branded presence in their lobby. Even if customers are not frequently entering your office, the sign can help the space feel more professional and the brand feel more successful.

Each lobby sign is unique and there are not really “types” of lobby signs. But, you can divide lobby signs up into a few categories. For example, you can have a lit or unlit sign. Lit signs may be front-lit, back-lit, or have some other kind of lighting. You can also define lobby sign types by materials used.

3D letters are three dimensional letters. They are made out of solid materials, and not vinyl, so they “pop” off whatever surface they have been mounted too. 3D letters are commonly unlit and placed on walls or storefronts. Or they can be lit. 3D lettering is often used for marketing.

Vinyl is a highly flexible material that is very useful for lobby signs. It can be the only material in a lobby sign, or it may support other materials to create a uniquely dimensional sign. Vinyl is one of the less expensive lobby sign materials and is perfectly customizable in color, shape, and size. 

In this case, acrylic does not refer to a type of paint. Instead, sign acrylic is like a plastic material that is solid. It is available in any color, and in transparent, mirror, and texture styles. An acrylic lobby sign is simply a lobby sign made out of this flexible and interesting material.  

Metal is an interesting material to choose for a lobby sign. It adds a certain weight and professionalism to the sign, so it is great for brands that need to feel authoritative, successful, or modern and cutting-edge. You can use metal lobby signs just as you would use other types of lobby sign.

A lobby sign creates a focal point for customers, clients and guests that draws their attention back to the brand. This is important to help establish a brand identity and help people connect with it. Lobby signs also help to solidify the characteristics of your brand, hopefully through artful representation of your brand.