Custom Lobby Signs in Omaha


First impressions are important, especially in the corporate world; they can make or break your brand image, which impacts your overall revenue and success. To guarantee that you are putting your best foot forward, businesses must invest in the right office lobby signs solutions in Omaha.

Custom lobby signs are marketing tools that include your company’s name and logo to welcome customers and confirm that they have arrived at the correct location. They also provide them with a sense of who you are as a company, which aids in making a positive first impression.

With high-quality reception signs in Omaha, First Impression Signs & Graphics assists companies in establishing the right relationship with customers by creating an optimal environment.

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Lobby signs are found in reception areas, lobbies, or entranceways, and they include essential information, such as the firm name, logo, tagline, or contact information. These signs are meant to reflect a company’s personality, how they wish to introduce themselves, and how serious they are about their business.



Choose three-dimensional lettering lobby signage to wow your customers and set your company apart from competitors. They are available in a range of materials and colors, which is perfect for companies that wish to integrate their branding into their signage.



Plaque signs are the perfect way to identify small amounts of information, such as an action item, a name, or directions. Looking for an easily customizable sign that is eye-catching? Plaque sign designs or messaging are added to a vinyl sheet to be produced in a variety of fonts and colors before being adhered to the plaque.


This sort of signage is ideal for all companies, as it increases visibility and enhances the ambiance of the workspace. There are different kinds of illumination tactics, which change the lighting effect. For example, halo-illumination attracts attention to your sign by creating a halo of light on the wall behind the sign.


Indoor wall signs are an excellent opportunity to add color, designs, or key phrases to visible spaces. They can introduce your customers to the inner workings, history, or core values of your company.


Window graphics are a great way to use underutilized spaces and natural light to make your environment more appealing. Window graphics can radiate refinement, professionalism, and sophistication, depending on the type of design you opt for.



Vinyl is a versatile material that is both flexible and long-lasting. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a design that is professional-looking but can also be quickly removed or replaced with another graphic.


Acrylic is a durable, clear material that is used to create personalized signs and display; it resembles the appearance of glass, but it is less delicate. Because acrylic is lightweight, sturdy, and professional-looking, it is a great way to add a three-dimensional aspect to your signs.


Metal is a sturdy and long-lasting sign material. Metals are fantastic for giving your signs an industrial appearance that is simultaneously sturdy. It can be treated and polished in a variety of ways to give it a unique appearance.


Instead of utilizing traditional signage materials, consider how digital signs employ screens and electronic components to display pictures and text. They provide a long list of benefits, including the ability to change your advertisement at any time.


Each business and sign are unique, which is why it can be difficult to provide an accurate estimation of cost. The anticipation of a sign’s required investment can be difficult, especially if you’re expecting it to be a few hundred dollars or more depending on the complexity, size, and design of the sign you pick. If you have a strict marketing budget, we can work closely with you to provide tailored recommendations; they will not only achieve the intentions of your signs, but they will also remain within your available budget.

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By creating eye-catching signs, First Impression Signs & Graphics can assist you in improving your lobby environment. We provide comprehensive design, production, and installation services for you to make a good first impression on your customers. We make every effort to ensure that the design and construction of your sign appropriately reflect your company.

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Lobby Signs FAQ

Lobby signs are interior signs meant to help create a branded space and a branded impression on anyone in your lobby. Lobby signs frequently have lighting or other interesting sign elements to help draw attention to them. Of course, these signs should also reflect the brand that they represent.

Lobby signs may seem like a large investment, and they can be, but they don’t have to be. We can make lobby signs out of a range of materials and in a range of sizes and styles, which means that you can have a lobby sign that fits in your budget even if it is fairly limited.

Office lobby signs are visual assets used to help brand corporate spaces. As with other locations, it is useful for many offices to have a branded presence in their lobby. Even if customers are not frequently entering your office, the sign can help the space feel more professional and the brand feel more successful.

Each lobby sign is unique and there are not really “types” of lobby signs. But, you can divide lobby signs up into a few categories. For example, you can have a lit or unlit sign. Lit signs may be front-lit, back-lit, or have some other kind of lighting. You can also define lobby sign types by materials used.

3D letters are three dimensional letters. They are made out of solid materials, and not vinyl, so they “pop” off whatever surface they have been mounted too. 3D letters are commonly unlit and placed on walls or storefronts. Or they can be lit. 3D lettering is often used for marketing.

Vinyl is a highly flexible material that is very useful for lobby signs. It can be the only material in a lobby sign, or it may support other materials to create a uniquely dimensional sign. Vinyl is one of the less expensive lobby sign materials and is perfectly customizable in color, shape, and size. 

In this case, acrylic does not refer to a type of paint. Instead, sign acrylic is like a plastic material that is solid. It is available in any color, and in transparent, mirror, and texture styles. An acrylic lobby sign is simply a lobby sign made out of this flexible and interesting material.  

Metal is an interesting material to choose for a lobby sign. It adds a certain weight and professionalism to the sign, so it is great for brands that need to feel authoritative, successful, or modern and cutting-edge. You can use metal lobby signs just as you would use other types of lobby sign.

A lobby sign creates a focal point for customers, clients and guests that draws their attention back to the brand. This is important to help establish a brand identity and help people connect with it. Lobby signs also help to solidify the characteristics of your brand, hopefully through artful representation of your brand.