Premium Quality Custom Monument Signs in Omaha

Monument Signs for Omaha Business

Make a strong local statement with monument signs. Businesses in Omaha use these large, eye-catching signs to transform themselves into local landmarks. Design a sign that reflects your branding and extends your presence.

Design architectural monument signs that match their surroundings and introduce your brand to a larger audience.

Looking to impress visitors with an entrance sign that elevates their experience? First Impression Signs & Graphics builds installs a variety of monument signs for business. Your signs will be designed in-house by an expert team of builders.

Talk to a representative about impactful signage in Omaha today. Call First Impression Signs & Graphics at (402) 252-5940.

What is a Monument Sign?

Monuments are free-standing signs usually installed a short distance away from the business. They are typically installed at entrances near busy roads. Commercial monument signs consist of a large structure, landscaping elements, and a large sign face. Business owners include information such as the business’s logo, name, tagline, even a business directory.

These signs are made typically of durable materials like stone, brick, and the like. This allows monument signs to last long even under harsh outdoor conditions.

They are also mounted low on the ground. This places them at the exact line of sight for anyone driving or walking by. When you want more visibility from the road, monument signage is a great addition to your space.

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Types of Monument Signs

We personalize monuments to our customers’ exact specifications. Choose from a large selection of premium materials:

Monument signs are usually installed on the ground or at eye-level on supporting pillars. Durable materials mean signs resist weathering, aging, and degrading. It’s what makes them such a great investment – get a healthy return on your investment.

For example, architectural monument signs help enhance your business space. These are specifically designed to be consistent with your outdoor aesthetic. This gives your business a boost, drawing more customers to your location.

Organizations That Make Use of Monument Signs

Omaha monument signs are popular among different types of businesses and organizations. They are ideal as a wayfinding sign for a building entrance that can impress your customers. They are widely used by:

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, these signs can help elevate your space.

Project a professional appearance to your visitors with branded multi-tenant monument signs!


  1. They are excellent wayfinding tools. Positioned usually along the road, they easily tell people where to find your business. The easier it is for customers to spot you, the more you can drive traffic to your space.
  2. Custom monument signs help boost your brand. These signs display your business name, logo, and other branding elements. As such, these highly visible signs are a great way for people to be more familiar with your brand.
  3. They can help advertise your products and services. Monument signs for businesses can include electronic message boards. These not only add to the visibility of your sign. They also let you display multiple messages, like in-store deals and promotions.
  4. They are cost-effective. The size and materials used on these signs can make the cost go up. However, your one-time investment can benefit your business for years to come.

Design Your Own Custom Monument Signs in Omaha

Monument signs are specialized signs. First Impression Signs & Graphics is the trusted signage partner for many businesses in Omaha. We produce design and install customized signs that meet your budget, branding, and business requirements.

Bring your vision to life with a collaborative sign design process. A dedicated project manager will work closely with you to design modern monument signs. Our customers choose from our large selection of sign faces, materials, finishes, colors, mounting options, and lighting.

Some of our most popular personalized monument signs are multi-tenant monument signs. These are very popular with commercial buildings that house a large number of departments or businesses. Hospitals and commercial buildings in Omaha are regular customers too.  

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Your project manager will help you keep the cost of monument signs within budget while including the options you want.


Monument signs are highly specialized signage. Choose a reputed sign shop for quality monument signs in Omaha and a professional sign experience. We guarantee quality signs that will last years and create a lasting professional image for your business.

First Impression Signs & Graphics is a sign shop that delivers excellence in customer service. Our team always works closely with our clients to get a good idea of their brand and business. This allows us to offer the best options based on your specific needs.

We also use the best materials and advanced technology to create the best monument signs in Omaha. Our goal is to deliver eye-catching signs that set you apart from the competition.

A project manager will work with you throughout the lifecycle of the project, guiding you through:

We also offer ongoing maintenance for signs that covers cleaning and servicing.

Discuss your requirements with a monument sign expert today. Call us at (402) 252-5940.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most monument signs are around 5 feet tall, at eye level. While some monument signs come in both larger and smaller varieties, all monument signs are classified as such because they rest at ground level. You may find a slight difference in the size of the sign that a large hospital uses, for example, when compared to a small business.

Modern monument signs fulfill all the needs of a business through a durable and eye-catching sign. If you want to create a modern monument sign, working closely with a business like First Impression Signs and Graphics can help guarantee a custom-made sign fit to your business’s situation.

The cost of a monument sign varies depending on what materials are used in construction, as well the size of the sign. Other factors such as the complexity of the design can have an impact on the cost as well. Contact us to request a quote for your monument sign.

Metal monument signs are constructed using a common metal as the base material, such as weather-proof aluminum. Using a durable material such as metal can help your sign resist wear and tear over time.

Depending on what your sign looks like and where your business is located, completing a monument sign can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. Our project managers will work with you through the entire process from design and construction to obtaining city permits.

Monument signs are very popular among many different businesses in Omaha since they are an easy way to advertise your business. Whether it is a small business, grocery store, or a large hospital, you are bound to see many monument signs all across Omaha.

The best materials for monument signs include sturdy and weather-resistant materials such as stone, metal, and bricks. Additionally, we can make signs from other sturdy materials such as marble and concrete, or even something lightweight and easy to install such as foam.

We do a variety of lettering on our monument signs depending on what you desire. Some of our signs contain easily removable lettering which you can change quickly. Additionally, we offer monument signs with dimensional lettering, which can help your sign to stand out more.

Monument signs work best when placed in an easily visible area, such as at the front of your business. If your business is far from the street, placing your monument sign on the roadside is a great way to bring more attention to your business.

At First Impression Signs and Graphics, we create custom monument signs that will help give your business a more professional look. Our project managers will work closely with you to choose from a variety of materials, designs, and lighting options used to create a sign that best suits your needs.